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Dock Max

Dock 9 (1986) director: Thor Johnson – this scene, Max Montoya and Jamie Bleu

“It opens with slim, sexy and crotch-shaved Jamie Bleu and mustached, more mature Max Montoya silhouetted in a window as they engage in foreskin play. The limited verbals between the two compliment the scene, as does the ambient sound and camera angles. Close-ups are well paced.”

hmmmmm – that’s a quote from….. the eBay html file when I sold it… so, um – probably a review, not mine. I still love the clip, but “sexy and crotch-shaved Jamie Bleu” is just not my type, nor is the crotch-shaving (y’ll surprised, right?).. but this is surprisingly better than I remembered (I sold my copy in 2005, and bought another copy in around 2018, but hadn’t gotten around to watching). where was i? oh, nice slow scene, well-filmed (was it film? quality is too good to be 1986 video, right?) I think it’s pretty good, but too many close-ups at the expense of good mid-range shots – I mean, I want to see MAX’s face/stache AND schlong in the same shot – amIright? – the silhouette-ish feel (blinds background ala scene in Daddy Dearest) is cool, just a tad more lighting on their bodies would’ve been nice.

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You are right!! I wanna’ see the ‘stache and the dick in the same shot! I’m crazy for Max Montoya. He didn’t do enough porn. Well, actually he did do a good amount, but why do I have so few photos of him?

Jamie Bleu is not really my type either, and shaving/trimming is definitely not my thing. No, we’re not surprised that you’re not into it either. Ha ha!

Back to Jamie Bleu. He has a nice body. Sometimes a duo with contrasting body types or younger/older is very hot. I think it works in this scene.

I like the back-lit effect in the beginning- great to see nips and dicks standing out in silhouette- but it gets old quickly. Kissing is very hot. So intimate! The close-ups seem to start about half-way through and the camera man sticks with it, making the 1st half really incongruent with the 2nd half. Around 8:00 we wanna’ see a wide shot of Max fucking Jamie, but we don’t really get it. There’s just not enough of Max’s upper half.

Still a very hot scene. Max’s dick is so gorgeous.

Thanks for the video, BJ!

Oh, who is the hairy guy on the back box cover? He’s not actually in the video is he? But he’s hot. Wish I could ID him.

I don’t recall IF hairy back cover guy is in film, but Adam & Co isn’t known for fudging the artwork on their box covers. So I click on link to GEVI – only lists 3 models! Then I search for my old html auction page, and oops – “Starring: Max Montoya, Jamie Bleu, and others” – which is unlike me, for sales, I often at least review the credits – so now I have to see if it was me missing it, or if the credits don’t, um, credit beyond a couple models – more homework! On a holiday weekend??!!

hairy back cover guy – no credits in film, but quick look and he’s in the movie – my description at the time I sold – “A man working on a computer becomes frustrated and takes out his uncut penis to masturbate. He’s voyeured by a macho Latin janitor with a nice chest, who soon joins him.”

oh wait – it s a very brief scene, with a cliffhanger!

I’m getting forgetful and scattered, weren’t we talking about Max not long ago? Say the past month or so. I reviewed the film Outpost that he was in, and I seem to remember sending you a link to a blog where I found a huge image of him sitting near a pool with Mark Rutter. But I searched your blog for ‘montoya’ and maybe I just missed it, anyway both Max and Mark looked great in that pic. Disappointing (but not surprising) that gevi only has a few of the guys credited, if I ever run across this one on a tube site or something I’ll check if the clip has credits.

Happy turkey day BJ :)

haha! you couldn’t find the comment because 1) i havent yet figured out how to set up a “search comments” button, and 2) because you made the comment on a Cadinot post! Meahwhile, cast for OUPOST from one of my 2 auction files – Starring: Tom Burns, Buddy Kane, Eddie Kid, Jesse Koehler, Brad Leatherwood, Max Montoya, Mike Rexford, Dig Richards, Chuck Spencer (I probably got these from watching the credits)

Ah yes, you’ve mentioned how you were looking into the ability for people to search comments some time back. No worries, at least you remembered where it was I strayed from the post topic (again). Though in my defense, i did start that whole left turn out by mentioning the pages of the magazine that talked about the Cadinot cards.

So back to Max and his lovely uncut cock, since this is a Max post after all, the two nice pics I found of Max on that Brazilian blog (with the super long urls). First Max and Mark Rutter poolside:

Then “The Return of Max Montoya”:

I liked him in Outpost, that scene where he has video solo sex with his boyfriend was definitely state-of-the-art technology for the mid 80s. And I got a few nice close up shots of his face when I screen grabbed them while watching it on whatever site I linked to.

Oh fuck!

Zephyr, thanks so much for that great pic of Max Montoya & Mark Rutter. Two of the hottest uncut guys!

I just looked up “Modern Men” on GEVI and there they both are on the box cover! I just never realized that was Mark Rutter. Wow, mind blown! So cool.

Thanks again!

I just realized what you were saying, no I knew the cast for Outpost. I was talking about this movie, and wondering who else was in it beyond the three names on the gevi listing. Anyway I found it here if you wanna watch it again:

I skimmed through it, there sure was a lot of extra skin, plus cock and nipple rings on display. Not bad. Many of the guys faces aren’t seen in full, either in shadow or profile, or not at all in some cases. And the opening credits only said the name of the movie, plus who produced and directed it. The only closing credits I saw said the year and ‘all rights reserved’ so unless they cut those off at the end, the full cast might remain unknown.

And it looked like ‘shot on videotape’ as opposed to ‘shot on film’ at least to me. There’s a Max solo at the end too that is lit better.

Thanks for posting this link. Some of the most phenomenal docking I’ve ever seen. The docking scenes are very LONG, so you can really indulge if you’re into it like I am: Nothing hotter than two foreskins fucking each other in the Prick. In the one BJ posted, there’s beautiful foreskin teasing the ass just before fucking him so well, and the bottom knows how to open his ass, legs and crotch.


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