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Obsessed!! do NOT click on this 2014 post – – – happy stuffing day – – DON’T DO IT

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I don’t need to, since I read the pop-up message : Dick Trask – EROTIC HANDS! That had to be one of the most ghastly things, ever presented on your site! The AH MEN fashions and Barresi in loony leather, would also qualify! : (

I will NEVER understand the appeal of fisting! : /

But thanks for the warning, and thinking of me! : )

Lately, your posts have been incredibly epic! : 0

Ah, BJ! So many great, and a few QUESTIONABLE, posts! So little time! : (

; )

I’ll follow the link!

But I don’t need to because I already have that super-hot mag myself.

OMG, Dick Trask. And just everything. Such intensity, such intimacy.
It’s a favorite.

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