Jack Wrangler

nice equipment!

without looking at this link, do you know where (movie) this pic is from?

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I know the answer, but I cheated. I looked through my own files. My first guess wasn’t even close.

I should of known you’d put a clue in the title though. You basically gave it away! You sneaky man.

Do more of these! I love a puzzle. Test my memory and all that.

i didn’t know, although I’m sure I saw the movie at the time at the Adonis. The first picture is truly gorgeous–he’s a total narcissistic voluptuary and his Dick looks bigger than I’ve ever seen it. It would feel incredible deep in the Rectum. At the time, it seemed like he was being over-exposed, because he’s better some times than others, but looking back, it’s a *Class Act*, different from anyone else’s. That others I find more erotic is beside the point (I’m never going to worship him quite like I do the Cade Cousins), because he really did a fantastic body of work..

oh no! OK – I’m doing tutorials this winter, after the holidaze. I LOVE THIS MOVIE – and I got a VHS copy WITH the 3D glasses – “This fantasy portrays Steve Tracy as a young, gay bookseller who’s given a magical book by an elderly passerby. The book transforms Tracy into the muscular, handsome and hung athlete, Jack Wrangler.” – oh, and then Steve (Jack) is so turned on by his new body, he starts to whack off….. and then the cock puppet appears. got it?


Wow! Except for the variation in the title, this meme is pretty much the same one that you posted on 7-5-17! Great b & w photo! : 0

It’s curious the earlier one had no replies – but great for me, since I have a hard time sharing! LOL!

It’s also convenient, since I can now overlap on the same subject – fabulous! : D

Nice, heavy equipment, indeed! I’m not a “size-queen” per se, but I’ve always maintained that Wrangler; had one of the prettiest pricks, ever presented in all-male porn!

I love the color and shape – nice, thick, and rubbery! : P

As a psychological character study, “Gemini (1977)” is pretty interesting and compelling. It’s a great, theatrical showcase, for Jack Wrangler. It fits his “vivid” (i.e. slightly hammy) personality! : D

But as I’ve said before, my two favorite Wrangler films are “Heavy Equipment” and “Navy Blue (1979)”. In both films, he has partners that are handsomer than he is. : 0

Despite being rather detached and aloof, both Roger and George Payne, more than hold their own against Wrangler; because of their great, screen presences. Great contrast – blond Wrangler acts away, while they maintain their dark, low key cool – hot ice! : )

I think “H.E.” is so much fun! Roger and Wrangler made three pictures together, but in this one they especially shine, because of the comedic context. Both of them sensual, beefy, and muscular!

In all three of their films, the theme is unadulterated lust! : P

While in “N.B.”, the theme is frustrated love – ah! That’s why I think George and Jack were a dynamic duo; while Jack and Roger, were a compelling couple! Not that the pairing was any less powerful! : )

Thanks BJ honey, for allowing me to elaborate! Really appreciate it! : )

To think, I didn’t need to spread myself, too thin – generous! : )

Ah, so many great and CONTINUING posts! So little time, but lots of space! : ( : )

; )

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