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wet edwards

For some reason, when I think of Bert Edwards I think of shower scenes. Seeing if I have any back up for the idea that he mostly appears in the shower, I poured through my files, and I came to realize it may have been 2 or 3 photo shoots at most, regurgitated across several publications over the years…. but…. probably also his appearance in Wakefield Poole‘s 1974 film, Moving! – that made me associate him with getting wet and sexy. Check it out, he’s somewhere in the promo below. Remind me to find the complete 15 minute “loop”

a few Bert Edwards mentioins here on BJland

or, Burt Edwards, Bert Edwards, or Jean Cardin

One reply on “wet edwards”

Wowee, I love that first picture.

I guess you really have to see him in action to really appreciate him, but I love these “wet” pics.

That Kurt Gerard is a hottie, too. I guess I never heard of him because he only did one film. Hopefully there’s more out there of him somewhere. Some lovely photos, eh? Well, at least we have these.

Thanks BJ!

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