down the rabbit hole….. “S.F.O.” – San Francisco Orgy! (1983)

I gotta say, while the quality of the film ain’t that great, I must say having Eumir Deodato’s Shazam and Bachmania playing, but with plenty of groans and slaps – and the creaky bunkbed!! – mixed in – it’s great! – go ahead, hit play but minimize the browser and just listen!

This all started when I was trying to figure out who Frank Reed is, saw he was in this film, only in the group scene finale, and wooooah! The closing titles have pics matching faces and names! But cross referencing with GEVI, I got confused.

Adam Gray, check. Cliff Ford – well, not the black guy ID’d on GEVI, but the pic shows someone definitely in the scene, tagged with that name. T.J. (Thomas) – nope. Kevin Scott – yes! (This hairy fucker is INTO IT!); Frank Reed – yes.

OK, I officially give up – let’s just post the labeled face pics and you tell me who’s in this scene

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I went down the same rabbit hole! We should have met up for a carrot.

OK, that was stupid. Off topic: I like Bob’s Burgers, which has a boy-crazy girl called Tina who I identify with. There’s a scene where she is spying on boys skinning-dipping in a pool and she deadpans, “There’s a lot of carrots in that stew.” So funny.

Back to porn! I also went to GEVI trying to figure out the SFO cast and just got more confused. Actually, I was trying to ID the cute, twink-ish brunet who turned out to be Mike Carr. He was performing in a scene with a black man who I was also trying to ID. I thought I had it figured out (more or less.) It’s all confirmed now thanks to you.

I’m glad you figured it all out! TGfBJ!

My favorite in SFO is Roy Ourso/Kevin Scott. So yummy! Thanks for showing us the cast list. I don’t think I have a copy of SFO and sometimes it’s just too time-consuming to re-watch a film just to figure out the cast. I’m still trying to catch up on all my porn web sites! (It’s really just here and AdonisMale.)

Thanks BJ!

Somebody needs to let Woody @ GEVI know that his listings for SFO are all mixed up. He may be more likely to believe you BJ. The last time I tried to correct him, he didn’t exactly buy it. But I was IDing a performer by sight alone, so he had reason to question my assertion.

If you don’t have time, I can refer him to your blog entry.

gosh – we were in touch many many years ago – but I haven’t attempted any “corrections” or edits in years – does he really get back to you? Woody, right? I even lent him a big box of VHS tapes – he wanted to do his own scans – and I was a trusting soul – and got them back n a reasonable amount of time, still in fine condition, no wear or tear.

Is this Frank Reed the same guy as the Frank Reed who appeared in the magazine Balls Issue 1?

I promise that’s my last comment. (on this page)

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