Santa lube

He lubes you when you’re sleeping
He lubes you when you’re awake
He lubes you if you’ve been bad or good

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Here are a few possible ideas for holiday themed posts, if you’re looking for different ones. Just some I found scrolling through adonis male and cowboy frank (you may have even done some of these before):

thanks for the suggestions – but – ok, hope this doesn’t sound rude as you did say maybe i had a few already – but especially the RON RAZ with Santa! but that third one, barely legal blond teen???? You wanna get me in trouble (with my own values???)??? hee-hee!

Not rude at all, yeah the one with Santa and the lovely furry naked butt on the beach looked familiar to me. Probably from your previous post(s) of that pic. I do remember you saying something in seasons past, that if we had some good holiday-themed pics to send them your way.

The Ryan Idol one made me laugh, and remember your post about the phone sex ads (which was sorta by my request, thanks again for those!) as well as the Hank Hightower clips from 20 years ago we were just talking about. That leather archive pic was new to me too, interesting shot and beefy sexy rear. Guess I was on a ‘hot ass’ theme with most of the ones I linked, as the Joerg guy has another delightful one. Though I can see how he might stick out (ha!) as running against the grain of what you usually post, he looks old enough to be posing for that shot. Hope St. Nick left him a nice big candy cane.

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