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the name of the game is high card

oops! reading a comment from a previous post that included a clip from Heat in the Night (1989), I realized I actually posted the wrong clip – or at least I described that clip incorrectly. Go find the entire film online if you must, but I just wanted to show the set-up to the scene, where Rex Chandler, in jail, falls asleep, and dreams of 4 guys (Dick Masters, Mike Anthony (Michael Brawn), Tom Steele, and Cal Jensen) each claiming to be the biggest – the clip above are the guys stating how huge they are (and goshdarn Michael Brawn’s voice, almost enuf to make you cum!). They don’t actually compare cocks like side to side or some other measurement, but you pretty much forget the “contest” part once they start going at each other.

OK OK, this is 1989, but it was late in the year, and most if not all of us didn’t see it until 1990 at the earliest – and not to spoil things (they don’t actually make a determination) but it’s obvious that Dick Masters has the biggest cock (and the name to proove it!) Below is most (sorry, not all) of the 4-way sex scene

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anyone have a pic of Michael Brawn wearing the bandana?

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Agreed, no contest when Dick Masters is involved. I remember loving his dick but being a little lackluster about the rest of him.

BTW, I love this video. There were so many “big stars” that were headlining it, but my favorite scene might be the sweaty porch fantasy with Lon Flexx and sleazy Bill Marlowe. You could feel the heat!

Some of those big stars were pretty impressive. Rex Chandler! Brad Mitchell! Michael Brawn!

I never really liked the Tom Cruise look-alike Tom Steele. I always thought Rex Chandler was so hot, but looking back, I think he was better in stills than in action. He was almost too pretty, like on the cover there, but no denying his good looks.

I think I haven’t re-watched this one in years. I’ll have to re-visit it. If I can find it.

Thanks BJ!

Michael Brawn’s voice made a living for him. When he left porn he started doing voiceovers for commercials and documentaries.

You mentioned how much Michael Brawn’s voice turned you on when you posted the short clip from the International Guide to the Fine Art of Fellatio, and the way he pronounced ‘C-O-C-K-K-K’ :) He was very hot, and had a natural presence in the clip from Fellatio staring into the camera and reciting whatever lines Vivid had written on the cuecards (I’m assuming). Both physically and through his voice. So he went on to do voiceover work during or after his porn years? I don’t think I knew that. Of course he had a great C-O-C-K-K-K of his own, maybe not as big as Dick Masters or ever Tom Steele, hard to say without a tape measure. But size, while appreciated in porn, isn’t and has never been the be-all, end-all when it comes to our equipment.

Speaking of Fellatio (there’s a fun transition!), you posted that short clip a few years back. Do you happen to still have the film, or know where it might be seen? Or maybe one of your readers know, I’ve wanted to see the whole thing but couldn’t find it anywhere I looked online. Lon Flexx is in that one too, he was a big porn crush of mine (and I guess was in the super sweaty scene from Heat In The Night, as Johnny as some others pointed out).

I forgot Michael Brawn got his start in porn as Michael Anthony; he just started in 1989, but became more active in the 1990’s with various studios. 1993-1995 was peak Michael Brawn.

He also drastically changed his look from his first 1989 appearances. He smoothed out his hair. I think he had a perm some 1989-1990 films (guys did do perms in the late 1980’s).

Dick Masters was an accountant (!) in the real world. He did porn on the side because the money was too good. He was never a full time porn star, despite his various appearances. I think he did most of his porn work for Falcon & a few other smaller studios at the time.

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