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Tuesday’s random jocks

“Needing” to post, but being busy with other things, I decided – “nab the first 6 images when you search your hard drive for JOCK” – and here are the results

6 replies on “Tuesday’s random jocks”

My first thought, before all others- including that “jock” was meant literally, was how dare BJ call Mark Rutter a “random jock.” He’s a favorite of mine. I know I say that constantly, but I mean it this time. Mark Rutter never disappoints me.

Second thought: Oh, he meant literal jockstraps! I think I said that.

Further thoughts:
Rusty Baldwin’s jock is not actually a jock. I know, nitpicking. He’s amazing though.

BJ should search and post randomly more often! Not the only one to have that thought, obviously.

Dan Kennedy has a huge dick, which looks really good stretching out a jockstrap.

I feel close to IDing #3, but that doesn’t really mean anything. I always feel “close.”

#6 has big, thick chubby and a lovely, sweaty jock, but otherwise not really for me. I mean, I wouldn’t say no.

Is it just me, or do almost all of these guys seem to be Nova men?

Thanks for all the jox, BJ!!

“Rusty Baldwin’s jock is not actually a jock. I know, nitpicking.” – yes, but if you re-look at my post, I said I searched the term “jock” so while you would expect jockstraps, and guys who are jocks, it also picked up on a magazine called Jock Book 2 – which, not to your surprise since you noticed, isn’t just about jockstraps….

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