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Robert Blake

who you may remember from such films as:

only 2 films…. 6 years apart!

The first time I saw the cover of Sex Garage, I thought it was Joe Gage – I think the glimpse of ‘stache we get in HANDsome is why I wondered if he was in some magazines like that one – and now it seems he may not have been in HANDsome!

But I digress. Was hoping Sex Garage was also a film, but alas, I tried and found nothing to lead me to believe it happened; just lustful thinking.

Robert Blake (aka Robert Del Valle) on GEVI; if only I could’ve found the Bats and Balls clip/film! And too bad Sex Garage / Body Shop doesn’t appear to have been a film – with Larry Schuller (Brian from Magnum Griffin), Guy Tait, and Ron Stevens (aka Ron Cameron) ! (Ramble on, BJ!)

OH WOW! If you got this far, you already scrolled past the very first pic, which I didn’t have when I first hit “publish” but found minutes later – I have long loved the photo, didn’t put two + two together, even though I typed in the IN TOUCH info below. yum!

who you may remember from such magazines as:

  • Sex Garage (1975) – same photos/photo session as Body Shop
  • In Touch No. 19 (Aug.-Sep. 1975) “Don’t Call Him Bob” pg. 92 (Interview)
  • Body Shop (1975) same photos/photo session as Sex Garage
  • Bats and Balls (1976)
  • Pleasure Dome
  • Manpowered Models vol 1 no 1
  • COCK HUNGRY – from Sex Garage
  • The Jock Book (1976) – a few images from Bats and Balls
  • Illustrated Sports No. 2. (1976) cover, and 20-30 images from Bats and Balls

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I still have the magazine Sex Garage that I picked up on a trip to NYC back in 1976. For the life of me I can never understand why it was never a film. What a hell of a film that would have been! Oh well, I will keep dreaming!

What a copious post! I am overwhelmed. That 1st photo is really the best. Even with the kitchen background. The In Touch mag photos from the “Don’t Call me Bob” article are also great.

I had also been curious about the Sex Garage / Body Shop mags for years. It’s really too bad there isn’t a film to go along with them. In my notes there was a theory: something about the stills possibly having been taken from an 8mm loop which may have been created by the same group which ultimately became Nova (Scott Masters and John Travis). But I have nothing to back that up.

I was also curious about the other models. I think the Body Shop mag was the one which had the model names in the text, wasn’t it? Such a hot grouping.

The Bats & Balls film is also a scorcher!

I think what got me initially intrigued by Robert Blake was that incredibly hot pic of him jerking it on the box cover of HM6 Leave Me Alone. I think I first saw it on the VHS box cover for The Brig, a tiny photo, and I wasn’t sure who he was, but I had to know! I think that video clip proves that he may have been at his hottest in that film.

Thanks for this comprehensive profile, video clip, and photos of this sexy man whom I think we can all appreciate!

Body Shop mag was the one which had the model names in the text – yes! and a whole story about how they purchased the Body Shop – S-B AUTO REPAIRS: LARRY SCHULLER & ROBERT BLAKE, PROPRIETORS

Oh gosh, I’m reading, and Larry has a date with Ellen – ELLEN!

Ron Cameron is introduced in the context of Robert liking a “gang bang” once a week! this is getting taudry….!

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