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Daddy Dearest (1984) – been posting about this film for 20+ years! (Daddy Dearest – “blogger” posts) As I continue my purge of my harddrive of WMV files, pornoclips of movies I have the entire film of, and preview clips, thought I’d throw together some Richard Locke.

Cruisin’ The Castro (1981) – filmed before L. A. Tool & Die, but not released until 2 years after – here’s Locke enjoying some time with Don Talon and Will Seagers

Forbidden Letters (1976) – “tells the story of Larry and Richard, two lovers torn apart by the harsh realities and homophobia of the penal system” – recently restored by the Bressan Project and released by Vinegar Syndrome.

another clip – why not – Forbidden Letters (1976) – Ask Any Buddy podcast takes an in depth look (listen?) at this classic.

3 replies on “Locke-apalooza!”

Just found your site, si impressed with your collection and knowledge of men of vintage porn. Richard Locke is a model I’ve seen in the past and have always fantasized over him, I didn’t know his name however, now I do. Are you compiling a collection of bearded men? Beards are a fetish for me as well as a nice bush. Your amazing.

“Are you compiling a collection of bearded men?” – just the husbear!

while I don’t (yet) have a “beard” category – you can search for “beard” and see what you come up with – and happy you found the site – stick around, come back often!

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