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Mustang Studios, division of Falcon Studios – like Falcon, often had previews at the end of their tapes – this features previews of: Teach Me (To Take It), Share My Feeling, (with one of my fave mid 70s’ stars, Joe Markum), Scott, 3-way Plug-In, Climax, (Mark and Ken, such nice boys), Twin Reflections, Around The Rim (“The only thing better than sex with a friend is sex with two friends.”) and possibly others…

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The opening number in the clip you posted is the instrumental version of the theme to Other Side of Aspen 2, which was sung by Garth Evans. It’s the last of the five songs I put together into this audio file, the one with the worst sound:

Speaking of previews, do you remember me asking if you had access to the 20 minute or so block of them that padded out the Falcon videotapes for Winner Takes All, Spokes and maybe even The New Breed? I’d still love to see that as a standalone clip someday, with the narrator reading their promos about the scenes while they play. If you have it, that is.

Poster in the background on the 4th pic looks familiar too, maybe all those colors are some woman’s hair? Or colors coming out of an instrument maybe, the guy on the left is blocking it.

thanks for the reminder – good timing, too – cleared some hard disk space, its winter, and the tape deck is hooked up…. we’ll see!

oh gosh – the theme music! you have to remember I used to spend a lot of time – A LOT OF TIME – in porn theaters in the 80’s, and when they switched to just pluggin in tapes… I heard, more than saw the movies over and over and over again!

I don’t think so. my notes shows one videotape with some previews tacked on at the end, but unlikely to be an entire collection

Love them previews!!

Those previews on the end of the Falcon tapes are how I built my Falcon family collection! So much fun. Although I do wish I could go back and just whisper in my younger self’s ear: “Pssst, this thing called the internet is coming. So maybe don’t spend a fortune building a collection of videotapes that will all one day become an obsolete format? And then don’t try to do it again on DVD? Just maybe don’t collect things? I mean, where you gonna’ keep ’em all? Sigh.

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