Jack Wrangler

splendor in the grass

and the patio…

and on the set of Kansas City Trucking Co.

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Jack Wrangler was one of the most overexposed porn stars of the 1970’s & 1980’s. He never turned down an offer.

#1 – Wow, I’ve never seen this lovely picture, of OUR beloved, Jack Wrangler! Thanks! : )

“Harummmpff!” indeed! Does “David”, not know who this website; belongs to? A little more respect and empathy, is in order. I love that you’re so protective, of your favorites! I know the feeling – touching! : )

(I know you won’t kick him off. You may love smut, but you’re still a class act! You respect different opinions.)

“The best exposure for Mr. Wrangler is overexposure” – Touché, Stewart! Bravo! : )

While we’re being classy, you DO know the title’s origin; of that famous movie, “Splendor in the Grass (1961)”, right? It was Warren Beatty’s, film debut. Well, for some of your readers…

The movie is a bit overwrought, and hysterical. But it still has scenes of power and beauty – original screenplay. The writer, William Inge (tortured soul), used a few lines, from the epic poem by William Wordsworth.

“Ode: Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood”, was published in 1807.

(Spoiler Alert) – The film has a lovely, bittersweet ending. In voice-over, you hear Natalie Wood recite, this part of the poem:

“Though nothing can bring back the hour
Of splendor in the grass, glory in the flower
We will grieve not; rather find
Strength in what remains behind.”

(Bear with me. This all ties in together.) Playwright, William Inge, was “family” – sad life. Sexually frustrated; he committed suicide in 1973. Most of his work; featured handsome young men.

He was a friend of Jim French! Isn’t that a trip? Jim photographed him! Jim French aka Rip Colt, was also a friend to directors, George Cukor and John Schlesinger. : 0

Anyway, back to this lovely, grass picture. The whole picture has a golden hue – Jack’s blond hair, and the yellow grass. It looks more like he’s lying, in a wheat field. Love his expression: “A-h-h-h!” : )

His tanned body looks great here – nicely dusted with hair! And of course, that dick! One of the most beautiful; ever presented in porn – nice and rubbery! And I’m not even a “size-queen”! : P

In an interview, REX said he preferred to draw brunet men. Makes sense, since he was kinky, and had a dark side. That’s probably why; he didn’t include Wrangler, in his LEGENDS portraits – too nice and wholesome. Though one can’t dispute, Jack was a true, Porn Legend!

Your title has been used before, in other gay porn themes, and memes. GEVI has three porn films listed, with the title, “Splendor in the Ass”. How vulgar and tacky! : /

*SIGH* – Who would think that the image of a nude dude, lying in the grass; could appear so lyrical, poetic, beatific, exhilarating, and relaxing? Not to mention, hot! And the word “grass”, isn’t even a euphemism, for pot – natural high! : )

“Grazin’ in the grass is a gas, baby, can you dig it?” : D

Anyway, as usual, I’m going to take full advantage, of your generosity and graciousness! You know I’m such a shameless mooch! : /

I think of you as a wonderful host, in two ways! Your blog is like a party – festive! But you’re also a “host”, in that I feed off you, like a parasite – piggy back! You know that I’m too lazy and dumb, to operate a website of my own! That’s why I so appreciate you! : )

You inspire me to take your ideas, even further (i.e. steal)! Allow me to once again, hijack your post! : )

You know I just love lists! Especially if they involve beauty and sex! I appreciate that Johnny-My Pet-Llama, also appreciates them! He said so! I hope others do, as well! : )

Don’t sue me for plagiarism – same theme! Here are five more “Porn Splendors”! Two, are courtesy of you – artistic thief, moi?! : O



(Hope these links work! These may be in chronological order. But don’t quote me!)

Yes, I know that there are TWO people, in this image. But it’s still lovely and hot! It’s actually a prelude, to a three-way! Once again, love the expression, on Joe Markham’s face! (His dick ain’t bad either.) This is from Falcon’s “Wild in the Woods (1974)”:

Of course, Jim French; was ALWAYS about beauty and sex! Parisian will appreciate this! This picture is a little too far away. I wish it was larger. But Toby’s great star power; still shines through! : 0

Why didn’t REX include him, in his LEGENDS portraits? I mean, he IS a brunet. And depending on the context, he could also be sinister. REX considered Matt Ramsey, a legend, really? : |

Well, of course, I’m going to include, “His Majesty”! You have your favorites, I have mine! I’ve posted this before! I know it’s not from Colt, or Roy Dean. In Touch and Drummer, also seem like a long-shot.

Could it be from Man’s Image, or maybe, Ah Men? Will I ever find out? : P

*SIGH* – As I’ve said before, even in repose, Gordon Grant never looks passive! He always hypnotizes me – lust and awe combined! I always dote on his physical details – his legs, arms, abs, pecs, and of course, that iron jaw! So aesthetic – a living statue!

Even his feet are sexy! : 0

*SIGH* – Ah, another favorite! I first saw this photograph, in Advocate Men. They were celebrating the history of Falcon Studios. Like BJ, they also titled this image, “Splendor in the Grass”. Sorry BJ, your idea isn’t original. So appropriate for the beautiful, Bill Henson – a wet dream come true! : )

“Bill! I love you so, I always will.”

Hey zephyr, harrumph! You never really told me, if you were a fan of Henson! : |

You better say yes! Don’t blow it! If not, I’ll tell BJ; not to show you any mercy, and cancel you! We can forgive “David”, but anyone who doesn’t love Bill Henson, gets kicked off the island! Just kidding! ; )

It always comes back to Jim French, the Master, doesn’t it? : 0

Jim French, never actually said; John Pruitt was his favorite, Colt model. But the way he rhapsodizes about him in an interview, it’s obviously true!

He always photographed him, like he was a deity! Yeah, I know this picture, is a bit of a cheat – towel. He’s ON the grass, not IN the grass. But are we really going to argue, that he also wasn’t a splendor?

Just beautiful!

Boy, BJ! Your blog is just like home. Where else, am I among friends? I can relax; bloviate, pop a boner, and of course, appreciate the scenery! The hot images always seem so palpable! Especially these – splendid! : )

“It’s good to touch, the green, green grass of home.” : D

(Hope you’re getting all the music references, zephyr! Don’t want another possible strike, against you.)

Ah, BJ! So many great, poetic, natural, cool, fresh, fertile, scenic, ecological, and organic posts! Not a scent of manure. : )

So little time! I’ll never catch up! : (

Here’s to the next time, I hijack your post, and steal your ideas! Thanks! : D

; )

Hello sweet, smart, horny obsessed! I’ve seen many of your recent comments here, they are always fun for a fellow wordy rappinghood like me to dive into and savor. Maybe not so much BJ, one of the hallmarks of his version 1.0 of his blog was his long ‘porno crazed ramblings’ though he usually keeps it shorter and more to the point on this updated blog.

Of course I know Bill Henson and always really liked him myself. One of the first porn movies I think I watched was A Matter Of Size, a great way to cut my teeth in the world of gay porn almost 40 years ago now. Sheesh, has it been that long? Though I wasn’t quite old enough to see it when it came out in 83, I either rented the tape later, saw it in a porn theatre or (quite possibly) both. He had a stunning look, every inch as good as the underwear models of the era.

That pic of Bill lying back in your link is incredible, what features! Talk about ‘splendor in the grass’ ;) Of course he was also beautiful in one of Higgins best films, Sailor In The Wild as well. I shot many a load onto my stomach watching that one back in the day, that’s for sure.

And speaking of Bill in his tighty whities, the obvious Calvin Klein-inspired short called Brief, included in Falcon’s The New Breed, is one of the top all around solo scenes I’ve ever seen. Right up there with the best of Johnny Harden’s output, in my humble opinion.

I never saw confirmation of this but your reference to ‘c’mon and marry me Bill’, reminds me of the depressing rumor I heard about him years ago, which I don’t know if it is true or not. Where he supposedly got married (gevi confirms that much), came down with HIV and not only did he allegedly die from that in the 80s, so did his wife and possibly kids too. It always made me uncomfortable and I know BJ likes to keep things light hearted when possible so I’ll just move on, hoping that wasn’t in fact what happened to him.

I saw in one of your earlier comments you were having trouble linking to gevi, not sure if you compose your messages directly into BJ’s comment box as I do, or maybe copy and paste them from a document on your end? I hadn’t had trouble linking to gevi before (though I also noticed their site redesign, it took a beat but I’m used to it now and think it is improved). Anyway I’ll try linking to Bill’s page to see if it works for me…

(wow, that’s interesting how his url is performer 1983 when that was the year three of his few films were released! Probably just a coincidence)

Hope this works, and that you are staying cool and breezy yourself! Loved all your grass references too, cheers friend :)

zephyr – my breath of fresh air!

Thanks for your kind words and response! You’re pretty sweet, smart, and of course, HORNY, yourself! Just like our gracious host! Though not as exasperating! ; )

It’s reassuring to know that you are indeed, a fan of the divine, Bill Henson! I say any queer who isn’t, has to turn in their homo card – no more special gifts or discounts!

(I also refuse to believe that A.I.D.S. rumor!) : |

Of course, his “grass” picture; was the first image I thought of, upon seeing this wonderful (though not original) theme, from BJ!

I still think of hay, instead grass, from Jack’s opening, golden picture – sexy and relaxed! Talk about, “Mellow Yellow” – another music reference! : )

Thanks again, BJ! You’re always so full of surprises and discoveries!

I hope everyone else (eh, BJ?) enjoyed my other, “Grass Splendors”! I just love lists! I can’t resist announcing them! I’ve been corrupted by the Academy Awards – typical queen! Oh, Mary! LOL!

As I’ve said, I do wish the one with Toby, was closer and bigger (Hint-hint, BJ?). You can still see his dimples – so haunting and poetic! I always maintained that Toby; would still have been a star, even without his long schlong!

Where is mon ami, Parisian? I hope he’s okay. I thought for sure, this image would bring him out of hiding – bait!

There always seems to be a bit of confusion, regarding the titles of the Falcon’s loops, aside from the name of the collection. One loop, will share the same title, as the collection – huh?

Thanks for the Bill Henson clarification. I had forgotten the name of his Calvin Klein inspired solo, “Brief”.

I usually don’t like or enjoy, “solos”. I find them rather boring. Curious, I actually think that “solos” in stills, are more interesting and aesthetic – like “Mellow Yellow”! There are exceptions, of course! Like the ones from Colt! Nothing in porn; is written in stone!

I liked “Brief” because it was so clever and amusing – parody! Not to mention, hot and endearing – duh, Henson is in it!

“I love him because he’s wonderful; because he’s just, my Bill.” (Typical queen – show tunes!) : D

You know I love Woody from GEVI; but once again, I don’t trust the supposed release date of the collection, “The New Breed” – 1981, no way! The original Calvin Klein ad, taken by Bruce Weber; came out in 1982!

I agree that GEVI’s, new designed update, is better and easier – more user friendly!

(I hope these links work!)

I should have done this before! Which one was hotter? The original:

Or the parody:

Hmmm… it’s a toss-up! Henson is so beautiful, that all his still pictures – seem to become iconic, anyway!

I said the porn poster for “El Paso Wrecking Corp. (1978)” – is my absolute favorite! I would say that “Sailor in the Wild (1983)”, is my second – awesome! You know which one. It has to be world famous, right?

Henson, standing against a blue sky; is balancing himself, legs apart, between two separate rocks. I wish I could post a link, but I don’t trust any of the URLs. He’s not even the star! Brian Thompson is the actual sailor!

I saw “SITW” at the Century Theater, in Hollywood. During intermissions, I would just stare at the poster, in the lobby – *SWOON*! Bill Henson is another porn model, which I wish Jim French, would have photographed. : 0

On a side note, the “Dieux du Stade” calendars; made me an instant fan of rugby – homoerotic!

Now, I can’t verify this. But I suspect this 2007 image, of Scottish player, Sean Lamont; was inspired by the “Sailor in the Wild” poster! Am I crazy? What do you think?

I know I’m crazy about Sean Lamont – his ass! He was divine! (I’ve got to stop using that description!)

Gods like Bill Henson and Sean Lamont, indeed confirm; I am most certainly, a homo! : P

Boy, this was fun! Thanks for tolerating my hot madness, BJ! Never hesitate to tell me, “Cool it!”

Cheers to you as well, zephyr – so knowledgeable! Sometimes you’re my breath of fresh air, my little williwaw, my little tornado, my little hurricane, my little chinook, etc. But you’re always cool and breezy!

Ah, BJ! So many great and self-indulgent posts! And don’t get me started on the replies! : )

So little time! I’ll never catch up! : (

; )

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