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goodnight, Johnboy

not the bestest photo, but gives a good sense from the opening scene of…. from the first issue of Mach magazine, not quite sure the year.

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L.A. Tool, with Michael Kearns in the foreground. I wonder if Joe Gage is one of the headless background guys in that shot, maybe the one who is mostly dressed on the left? He’s one of the ones who gets off while Michael is rotating his head from side to side to catch as much as he can.

This site has a Mach magazine, Vol. 1 No. 3 and says it’s from 1980, so I’d say the first issue must have been 1979 (the year L.A. Tool came out) or possibly 1980 itself:

Well done, Zephyr!

Curiously, my notes on Mach issue 1 also don’t have a date of publication. I don’t have a date for issue 2 either. I also don’t have either of those issues- wish I did. It seems odd that it would hard to get that info. Thankfully, you’ve figured it out for us.

Thanks for the link as well. I knew that Mach No3 had Big Max on the cover, but I didn’t know it had the amazing BDSM art of Cavelo, and that familiar but super-hot photo of Val Martin by Zeus. I’m tempted to buy that issue, but I must restrict myself. That price tag is just not possible for me!

i have a few MACH’s – from DRUMMER , so there’s the newsprint quality sometimes – but some amazing sstuff and i would LOVE the Big Max issue; it’s not always that expensive, but it’s never less than 20 bucks

I really, really love that scene from LATD. And that photo definitely captures the delicious depravity of the scene.

I’m missing the reference in the title though. I remember The Waltons, but I still don’t get how the reference applies to this photo or scene. I’m dying to know though BJ, you’re so clever with your post titles. I’m probably just being obtuse as usual.

You couldn’t just say, “he was on the Waltons?”

Then again, it was cool to read his Wiki page. Amazing that he is still alive at 73. The photo showed him looking great, probably at a younger age, but still. I’d date him!

You’re a prince of this blog too, Johnny. Does that make BJ our king? We’ll have to practice our kneeling in front of someone… If they ever get around to inventing a time machine you’ll find me in front of Will Seagers as he looked in LA Tool & Die, he was all that and a side biscuit.

Thank you!

But we can’t let BJ know he’s the king. He’s already a little too pushy. Sometimes.

OK fine, he can be king. Whatever!

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