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photo by Starbuck; Manscape, Winter 1986 (but the photo is clearly taken years earlier)

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This seems to be Michel Guillot AKA Ben Chapin who was photographed in the 1976 timeframe by Fred Bisonnes and Target Studio. The gold chain around his neck is a give-away. But could be wrong – gold chains were popular.

This is the kind of “manscape” I like. Not a fan of manscaping which is a whole other thing.

This beautiful Frenchman needs none of that. He’s beautiful just the way he is. I love the stark contrast between the dark background and his sun-dappled chest and abs. What a great shot!

Incidentally, in another issue of Manscape (Spring 1986) photos of Chuck Samson & John Colby that were clearly by Target Studios were also credited to “Starbuck.” So I’m not sure of the validity of this Starbuck credit. It’s possibly a licensing issue. I’ve read that when Lou Thomas sold the Target films to Le Salon, part of the agreement may have been that the name Target not be used. For example, the Bullet videopacs never mentioned Target Studios, even though they were Target/Bullseye films. If that’s true, then the actual credit for this photo may be Target Studios. Maybe Manscape magazine was related to Lou Thomas? Who knows?

So compelling!
Thanks BJ!

yeah – I knew Starbuck was either wrong, or another name for….

and ’86 is certainly not a year for Target Studios pics – I sure wish I could find more info on Lou Thomas than this paragraph

Yes, me too!!

I know that SmutJunkies keeps updating their site with new porn stars, but they seemed to have stopped developing the GEA section, which is too bad. I’ve kind of given up on them. I don’t use them as much as I used to.

I wish there was a book out there about Lou Thomas, Target, etc. There’s a great book called “Buying Gay”
which documents the evolution of the physique photography era and the various studios involved, but it sort of stops documenting at about the late 60s.

I’d love to know more about Target!!

OK – I think you got it – “Starbuck” is the name used for the “photographer” for old Target Studios images. Lou Thomas was the managing editor for Manscapes 2, and I am looking at a page 2 photo clearly Bruno’s butt from the 70’s, credited to “Starbuck” page 3 is a note from Managing Editor Lou Thomas – so this might be his way to get a few bucks and not drawing attention to the “Target” – note that later, 90’s magazines HONCHO and INCHES did their version of “retro” by printing old Target images, crediting Target.

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