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Very hot! I think Bruce is a sexy name. Baron is a hot name also. I had a great uncle named Baron.

What I love about this pairing is the way Bruce Morgan’s beard is trimmed. It’s not as full as it appears in other photos and I think it’s incredibly flattering. If you look at other pics from this set, (I wish I could find one online to link to), he’s very handsome. Of course, he’s handsome with a full beard and he’s also really handsome clean-shaven (like as the priest in Resurrection). He’s just handsome dammit! A real stud.

I think I was barely aware of Rhett Baron up until now. Strangely, I am not such a fan of the way his beard is trimmed. Although he does look really hot in this photo. I’d really like to find a decent photo of him to put in my model folder. By decent, I mean one where he’s alone and you can really see his face. There are photos on the Colt website, but you have to be a member to get access.

Great photo! Thanks BJ

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