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caption this

I must have more of these guys here somewhere, right?

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I know! I know! No caption would be more accurate, than “Buff Buddies”! : )

Jim Cassidy; sure did like his bling! : )

Ah, BJ! You’re killing me! I don’t have time for this! But I can’t resist! I’m trying to prioritize the posts, I want to respond to! But you keep distracting me! : /

I tend to be weak, with numbers. But I think this must be the fourth time, you posted pictures; from the David Carter 1980 publication, “Man To Man”. And you insist that you’re not into muscles!

I’m a bit of a muscle queen myself, so I previously mentioned that Cassidy and Morgan; traveled in the same bodybuilder circle, that included Ric Drasin aka Jean Claude, Roger Callard aka Stacy, Bob Birdsong aka Bob Wren, and of course, Ken Sprague aka Dakota.

They all worked out at Gold’s Gym, and posed for Colt Studio. With the exception of Cassidy, they all appeared in the muscle-fest porn film, “Loadstar (1973)”.

This post is pretty timely! I also mentioned this before.

After Jim Cassidy retired from gay porn, for a number of In Touch magazines issues; he wrote a bodybuilding/exercise, advice column. He used Bruce Morgan for his photo demonstrations.

I finally found an image from the May 1974 issue. I don’t know who the other guy is. Could this be Muscle Beach?

Don Johnson was on the cover. I think he might have been, more than “gay friendly”. “Welcome to My World” is an amazing website. Since 2020, it’s been dormant. Gay Porn Obsession is also great and dormant!

Whew, this is starting to exhaust me – too much! I need to chill! : |

Ah, BJ! So many great, timely, and hidden posts! : )

So little time! Stop distracting me! I’ll never catch up! : (

; )

I would caption this photo, “The race is on.”

I appreciate Obsessed drawing our attention to that photo of Rhett Baron. I needed that!

Thanks BJ!

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