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Brian & Vaughn

Brian & Vaughn (1975)

Filmed in one of San Francisco’s most popular bath houses with models discovered only minutes before shooting, we’ve managed to capture exactly what goes on behind some of the locked doors. In a room supplied with chains, mirrors and S&M artifacts, you will join two of the hottest guys we’ve ever filmed in a “tour de force” of a blow job that goes on for over two hours in its original footage. There was no stopping these guys when

wait wait wait wait WAIT! There’s a 2-hour version??? and we only get 14 minutes????!!?
something’s not right here!
yeah, yeah, yeah, I digress… go on…

There was no stopping these guys when they got started. You’ll feel you’re there, hearing the hot obscenities being shouted, watching as one is strapped into a harness that forces a giant, black dildo up his ass while taking a 13-inch dildo down his throat. These oiled bodies and non-stop action will leave you mesmerized.

some images taken from the magazineThe Night Visitor

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I find it hard to believe they did not have any models before filming this scene; they just found Brian & Vaughn in the bath house. Don’t pee on my leg & tell me it’s raining.

I was intrigued by the muzak-version of Gerry Rafferty’s Baker Street at the beginning of that clip, but the voiceover guys became pretty over the top the longer it went on. That song is from 1978 so the music (as well as the voice actors) must have been added for the Magnum Griffin collection videotape. If the original footage lasted for two hours maybe it included other guys wandering around whichever bathhouse they filmed it at. Does the magazine give any clues about where it was filmed?

i was gonna try to figure out music, knew it was familiar, and yet….

the voiceovers can be hilarious, but also quite annoying if you want to actually enjoy and get off, right?

So many things to like about this film! Brian is a hairy beast and Vaughn is a champ. So much of it felt very genuine, at least it does if you turn off the sound.

I thought the dubbing was not the worst, um at first. I kinda’ like that guy’s growly voice. And I like sex vocalizations more than dirty talk. Like grunts or moans. Not everybody can do dirty talk and not sound silly. But it got bad fast. The dialog wasn’t always in sync with the action, which was distraction, and some of it was just LOL ridiculous. I don’t know about you, but I always yell “squirt, squirt!” when I’m coming. That’s normal, right?

The dildo harness was hot. I have not often seen anything exactly like it. There may have been a little more dildo play than I needed for such a short film. I would’ve liked to see actual anal between the models. But the oral stuff was great.

Overall, I loved it. It was really hot. More or less what I always imagined. It would be great if there was a longer version, and I think there could have been. If you look through the mag, “The Night Visitor,” the first 28 pages is just them, and there is a bit more going on. (After p28, it switches to another couple) There’s a photo of them using a hanging harness. That isn’t in the film. It definitely could have been longer. This clip started kind of abruptly, so there might have been a longer intro. There was in the mag. They started fully dressed and not yet oiled. The oil is applied in the mag, but not in this clip. But who knows? Maybe this is an edited version, but I doubt there’s a full two hours. Still, I’d love to see the longer one. So where do we find the full version?! The search continues!

The magazine photos are also very hot, and it’s easier to use your imagination without somebody growling incongruous dialog at you. Either way, I’m a sucker for these two. I know both did other work and I am going to continue to collect whatever I can find.

Thanks very much for sharing that clip, BJ. Great stuff!

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