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lunch menu

Last time I posted this, Hot Lunch, I only showed less than 6 minutes of the film? Perhaps because my digital copy isn’t so great? You tell me.

directed by: Robert Walters (1979)
Starring: Rick Masters (AKA Butch Barnes) & Todd Russell

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How is Todd Russell getting any work done AT ALL with that MAN across from him?!?! I would be sneaking looks and furiously wiping up the drool.

Rick/Butch is a favorite. His Colt film with Killer Joe is awesome. I got a lot of use out of that one.

This one is super hot as well, even with the black outs in the video clip. At first I thought it was my internet connection. I can see why you only posted 6 minutes before. I still enjoyed it though. The dubbing is predictably awful, but there were some good slurpy sounds and heavy breathing in a few places!

Thanks BJ!

i think the vhs tape gave out, or at least, didn’t play well with my thingee that digitizes (or should). i don’t mind the dubbing here – these 2 are super hot it don’t matter, really!

Yeah, I agree. Super hot men. And there is worse dubbing for sure. Also, you can always turn the sound down.

But after the blow job when Rick/Butch says “thanks, I had a good time,” like he’s gonna’ leave, and then he of course doesn’t leave. Who wrote this dialogue?? You gotta’ laugh.

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