1978, photographs by Richard Sullivan.

I’ve been slowly adding found pics to a “Richard Sullivan” folder, once I saw that he’s got some great shots of some of my favorite pornstars – Richard Locke, Fred Halsted, for example; possibly as publicity shots for El Paso Wrecking Corp. but I was hoping there were more “porn” pics among the many images I’ve seen of his of famous people. But this post has nothing to do with Mr. Sullivan – it began, in fact, as just a few shots of a younger version of a star we’ve all enjoyed (yes, ALL OF US!) From a magazine called Too Hot To Handle #5, a series I thought I posted about, but dagnabit, that’s in the drafts folder waiting for some more research. Anyway, before posting these pics, I wanted to look at the original pics, the ones that weren’t “too hot to handle” for the regular In Touch magazine, saw more adorable pics, saw “Scott” with a different last name, realized I had posted a pic or two from that spread, had no idea he was the same Scott, and looking for photo credit I see Richard Sullivan’s name. Well, more research for that post!

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Never saw these photos before and am surprised how much Marcus Irons, probably 20 years Scott’s junior, really resembles him, in the first and, particularly the third picture.

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