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Games Men Play

“I don’t pay for nothing”
“Then you’re gonna get nothing”
“you’re gonna suck my cock and I’m gonna shove it up your round little ass”
“fuck off asshole I ain’t gonna do it!”

Director: Beau Janson Games Men Play (1979) – cast – Jimmy West, Aarron Clark, Bob Studds, Mike Horne; also starring: Malcom Rodgers, Richard Danialls, Nick Romano, Lee Alexander; WITH: Adam de Haven, Marcus Steward, Ron Hudd, Carrie Simms (that’s from the credits, but we found at least 2 names not on the list who should be – Jayson MacBride and Stanley Richards – likely they went by another name for this film?) – extra credit if you can name who these 2 are

anyway, I know the suspense is killing you – “fuck off asshole I ain’t gonna do it!” – will he or won’t he? The setting, the dialogue, it’s getting me all, er, nostalgic – yes! nostalgic for my twenties living in NYC! This was supposed to be a simple post – nab the video, edit, nab some stills, post. But I made the “mistake” of looking for a good link – got it from our pal Yorj Yefferson/ over at REDDIT (see link to review below) but got distracted by getting caught up in ID’ing some of the music – and I found at least 2 tracks from The Warriors (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) – (Theme From “The Warriors” and Baseball Furies Chase – which i am certain I have heard used in Joe Gage/Mac Larsen films…. but I digress) and I would bet there’s more pulled from that soundtrack. There’s another tune played during the Stanley Richards scene, again, familiar and likely to have shown up in another porno, most likely Gage/Larsen. but that’s for another post – or comments, who knows? and that’s why I have so many posts languishing in the drafts folder, waiting for one more link, one more pic, before hitting “publish.”

Reddit review – Games Men Play (Mustang Productions, 1979)

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Thanks for the link and shoutout. I’m thinking you might have got your clip from the same source as what I linked to in the review, the picture quality is great and that’s probably the most important part. But the sound, sheesh! I can barely make it out at times, especially when it fades down so as not to compete with the dialogue.

So together we’re making a dent in the music, here’s what I now have:

* Barry De Vorzon – theme from The Warriors (opening)
* Thelma Houston – Saturday Night, Sunday Morning (scene 1)
* Bettye LaVette – Doin’ The Best That I Can (scene 3)
* USA-European Connection – Come Into My Heart/Good Loving (scene 4)

And you mentioned another De Vorzon tune, Baseball Furies Chase. When does that play, right after the Warriors theme maybe?

I said something in my review about the company Mustang Productions / AB Video, the latter with mostly straight output. And that was the company listed for Gage’s Handsome (or HANDsome), maybe that’s the film you’re trying to remember the other song from too?

The one obvious face/dick that jumped out at me back when I watched the whole thing last year was Jayson McBride of course, as the delivery guy in the third scene. Weird (but not unheard of) that they reassigned cast names for everybody apparently. So I guess Stanley was one of the guys sharing the joint in scene 2 but not sure which one. Beard or stash?

I can kind of see how this might make you nostalgic for that era, since you were a New Yorker even if not a native one, for a long time. The Arch Brown / ‘Francis Ellie’ etc. films also have that east coast sensibility to them, as opposed to the California ones which aren’t all like what Higgins was making, but a fair number of them were.

Baseball Furies Chase. – i’m spacing on where!! if i figure it out, I wil let you know. HANDsome has an amazing soundtrack, composed by Man Parrish, so that is definitely NOT it. But I did figure out that the Warriors Theme was also used in Red Ball Express

and yes, Stanley is the goatee guy in the second scene – and that scene has more music that I cannot ID! arrrggghhhh! I;m sure its been in other porno, and I’m gonna guess Gage again (he likes instrumental movie soundtrack music, like Run Faye Run in L A Tool, for example)

Additional music ID’s:

-“Love is the Ultimate” by Ultimate (scene 2)
-“From East to West” by Voyage (construction site scene)

Straight porn star Ron Hudd who passed away in 2021 has a tiny speaking part at the start of the film as the first hustler who says he will see the other hustler later. IAFD should correct this and state that Ron has a nonsex role in the film. That website is not always totally accurate.

Ron Hudd, one of the all-time hottest guys in vintage straight porn who every gay man should know about IMHO. He died a bachelor, but from all reports seems to have been bisexual or at the very least “try-sexual” during his heyday.

The blonde cowboy in the last scene is gay-for-pay straight adult film star Bob Presley (presumably the “Bob Studds” in the credits). He didn’t do any other gay films, but in an interesting twist, the same year as he made this, he appeared in Jim Buckley’s follow-up to DEBBIE DOES DALLAS, THE GOOD GIRLS OF GODIVA HIGH. The star of that film, Kitsy Storme, plays the secretary of the accountant in this film!

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