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at some point I noticed that Paul Barresi was in a lot of Stroke magazines; and I started nabbing pics in a folder, but alas, hadn’t always documented which issue it came from! So here’s my attempt – of course, reader’s input always welcome and appreciated! Not (yet) looking for every Barresi magazine, just appearances in STROKE – of course, if a non-Stroke magazines is the source of the Stroke appearances, glad to have both pieces of info.

Not everyone likes my edit/crop style (pimples, folds from the magazine, unattractive skinny blond yougin’s…) but you know the answer to that one – include a link to your awesome porno-crazed blog!

  • Stroke Vol 1 , No. 1 – (1981) – Premier Issue – 8 pages from Trespasser / Yes, Sir
  • Stroke Vol 1 , No. 4 – (1982) – 3 pages from Challenger
  • Stroke Vol 2 , No. 2 – (1982) cover, + 12 pages Tel Père Tel Fils, from Dan’s Discipline
  • Stroke Vol 3 , No. 2 (1983) – 7 pages from Dan’s Discipline
  • The MEN of STROKE: Vol 1 , No. 1 – (1986)
  • Stroke Vol 6 – 1 – (1986) ?? (I made this note, but can’t find him in the issue)
  • Stroke Vol 8 – 4 – (1989) – 3 pages from The Painters, Control-T Studios magazine and video
  • Stroke Vol 9 – 2 – (1989) – 6-page spread from Good Cop, Bad Cop, Control-T Studios magazine and video
  • Stroke Vol 14 , No. 6 (1995) – 6-page spread from Good Cop, Bad Cop, Control-T Studios magazine and video

The pic above may not seem his sexiest, but something about the “Dad pants” all high-waisted, some awful polyester blend…. reading the sports page…

more Paul Barresi on BJland; or more just “Barresi” (more hits)

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For the last pic I can identify three of the four posters on the wall behind Paul and whoever’s furry butt that is, and they all seem to be from 1992. So that may match up with the issue of Stroke where you found it, or when the pics were taken anyway. The first poster I can’t tell who that is but someone else probably will; #2 is Cher (easiest one for me); #3 is the movie poster for Buffy the Vampire Slayer (before it was a TV show); and #4 is the movie version of Noises Off (after it was a play).$_57.JPG?set_id=8800005007

This isn’t what you asked about but I share your occasional interest in the stuff in the background behind sex pics and porn scenes, sometimes it can be more entertaining than the sex itself.

It could easily have been my house.

I had a framed poster of Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy in my living room when I was in my early 30s. I was a huge fan. Alas, Barresi never visited.

“The first poster I can’t tell who that is but someone else probably will; …”

You bet your sweet bippy! Oh, how I love to show off! Hee, hee, hee! : D

Actually, zephyr-Breezy! You at least, got the date right! : )

At first I thought; that it could be Alicia Silverstone. But “Clueless” didn’t come out, until 1995.

But then, I remembered this particular film – slightly shocking, for her! It’s a very blonde, slutty Drew Barrymore, at her trashiest – innocence lost! Remember this film? Ta-da! : )×450.jpg

ON TOPIC: *SIGH* Like it or not, Barresi definitely is a compelling presence – Porn Icon, if not a Porn Divo. Personally for me, like Barry Hoffman, Brutus, and Tico Patterson, he’s a guilty pleasure. : (

#3 – I admit. This image has a sleazy, tacky charm. God forgive me! LOL!

To think, I warmed up to Paul considerably, because of his actual, warm print work! Especially for Paean Studios, a pretty recent discovery! Thank you for that, BJ honey – much appreciated! : )

(I still wouldn’t trust him, anymore than I can throw him! I’m with Travolta, though he’s not a saint!) : |

Alas, these abuse pictures, seem to be very popular – not my cup of tea. Barry Hoffman; also liked to spank. : |

I’m not a psychiatrist, nor do I play one on T.V. But I do see a rather hopeful trend today, in all-male porn – healthy. : 0

S & M, B & D, abuse, humiliation, punishment, gay-for-pay trade, fetish, doesn’t seem as popular today, as it did in the past – vintage. I’m not naive though, to think that it will ever go, completely away – a miraculous cure!

I don’t like using the description, “internalized homophobia”, but maybe it’s because gay men, now feel more comfortable with their homosexuality – no self hatred, guilt, or anger. Isn’t that, a good thing – acceptance? : )

Guys like Donnie Russo and Marc West, would also abuse, but at least they didn’t do that, exclusively. They weren’t “gay-for-pay”, or strictly trade. : )

As for me, I say you can’t have, too much affection and tenderness, in gay porn – sensuality, not ugliness! I much prefer good, healthy sex, as prescribed by Dr. Ruth Westheimer. LOL! : )

(Robin Williams called her “the merry munchkin of masturbation!”) : D

For an alias, I once considered using the name, “Vanilla’s Nice”! So there you go! : )

Different “Stroke(s)”, for different folks, indeed! That applies to films, as well as magazines! : )

; )

Good job on identifying the poster on the left of that last pic sir, that makes it a full row of 1992 posters visible on the wall. So I guess they could have taken the pics anytime after that year, but 92 would be the earliest it could be and seems the most likely.

I’ve never been the hugest Barresi fan and agree with you that he looks underwhelming in some pics, but others I can definitely see the appeal.

Zephyr! I did the same thing- first I noticed the Buffy poster, then Cher, but I wasn’t familiar with Noises Off, and I still can’t ID the blond lady.

I am usually more focused on the foreground action, but my inner 13-year-old girl went squee!

Our dear friend Obsessed identified poster #1 in that last pic, towards the beginning of his comment above. It’s Drew Barrymore from the film Poison Ivy, which makes it a run of 92 posters across the wall. BJ’s note says the issue of Stroke was a few years later but that’s pretty common for that mag to run older pics – or maybe, the decor just hadn’t been refurbished in a while.

Ahem… : |

Thank you zephyr – Sweetie! I know you have my back, if not my ass! LOL!

You know I love ya, Johnny-My Pet-Llama! So I’ll let this one slide. Perhaps you were too busy grazing in the grass, to read my reply above – my sweet animal! Yes it’s a gas, baby I can dig it! LOL! ; )

Forgive me, Obsessed, it was not an intentional slight! Sometimes I get so excited I start typing my comments before I’ve perused the whole page.

That was really quite a good call. I’m very impressed. Well done!

“I know you have my back, if not my ass! LOL!”

So I get your back, but I DON’T get your ass too? What else am I going to ‘spanky spanky’ then?? Let alone anything else that might come up ;)

And to put the ‘posters on the wall in that last pic’ topic to bed, the specific one of Cher came from her workout tape, Body Confidence. Just to hammer the year 1992 home.

I had a copy of that Stroke issue with Baressi getting sucked and fucking at blonde twink. Baressi cums all over his face and fucks the kid leaving his boxer shorts on

Barresi- I am a definite fan.

I love the “dad pants” pic, for all the reasons you said, and because it’s so suggestive. Sometimes less is more. The photographer knew what he was doing. That lovely, tempting bulge in the dad pants- yum! You almost miss it if you don’t look closely enough.

The weird statue on the coffee table is my only issue.

Thanks BJ!

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