Mickey Squires


I’ve likely posted this pic before, and certainly others from Colt Men 8; but for today, let’s enjoy Mickey’s tongue

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Mickey’s tongue is awesome. but I can’t help zooming in on Mark Rutter’s gorgeous cock. How could they cut him out of this photo? That wasn’t you BJ, was it?

Even if it was, thanks BJ!

awwww – would i do that??? OK, maybe i might, since I want you to look at Mickey’s awesome tongue, but no – no I did not! that’s pure COLT. but here’s a more “balanced” view of the threesome –

Oh, I knew you didn’t. I mean, I was mostly sure. I was lazy and didn’t try to look up the original to be certain. I was just teasing.

The new one is also soooo good because it showcases all three of them. Mickey’s right where you want him.


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