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come with a grown-up

As is often the case, I am working on a post, get sidetracked (or fall down a rabbit hole) and hours, possibly days later, that post hasn’t yet been published but a new one (or 2, or 3) appears in the drafts folder, to work on later, and set the same potential derailing in motion again. All that to say, noticed that this version of the El Paso trailers (there are at least 3, I think) hadn’t gotten much attention. This is with a female voiceover, (Gage mentioned once she’s a famous soap opera star from the time), kinda going for that “porno chic” feel from the early 70’s when allegedly mixed audiences were found at some theatres more for the fun of seeing an X-rated film, and less so for the sex going on all around you. (I suppose that’s where we fall today, whenever an old classic gets the remastering or gay film festival treatment. sigh.) And of course, watching this several times I am reminded of this one moment, seen above, that I don’t think is actually in the film! It may have been extra footage, something that didn’t fit the narrative (my take, based on nothing, is that it was to be part of the finale – which more or less takes place indoors, before the particular “wrecking” of a property, and they baptize the place with an orgy) – but I have seen no trace of this anywhere in the full film, and I have watched it dozens of times (likely more). So, enjoy – less that 90 seconds, but packed with man-on-man sexiness.

El Paso Wrecking Corp. (1977) – “It’s rated X, so come with a grown-up”

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That was a treat!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a preview for any of the old Gage films, much less one narrated by a woman. Interesting choice.

It worked though. Makes me wanna’ go re-watch the film!

Thanks BJ!

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