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Death of Scorpio

The Death of Scorpio – (1981) – Francis Ellie

Story of a jealous artist’s (Shawn Gregory) revenge. He lures his ex (Michael Stone), and 2 friends separately to his home to have sex, then poisons them. Filmed in Soho (NYC).

Starring: Scorpio, Shawn Gregory , Michael Stone (AKA Michael Munsey ), Ron Flash, Bill Williams, Rick Hades.

I was never much of a Scorpio fan, so it’s fitting that the finale from this film, scene 3, doesn’t have him in it, but Shawn Gregory, and Michael Stone (AKA Michael Munsey)

from Casey’s letterboxd review“Shawn Gregory and Michael Munsey, the gorgeous mustachioed stars of IN SEARCH OF THE PERFECT MAN, are reunited and again have electric chemistry. Gregory is an artist distraught over the dissolution of his relationship with Munsey, which he blames on mutual friends Giuseppe Welch and Scorpio. He hatches a plan to murder them and Munsey with poisoned drinks (how poetic), but of course not until after he’s had one final bang with them as a send-off.”

YorjYefferson’s VintageGayVids review

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I go back to the final scene of this movie in my head sometimes, and can imagine a few different potential endings. It’s clear that Shawn has offed both Scorpio and Giuseppe in the first two scenes, after having sex with each and poisoning their drink, while keeping the non-poisoned one for himself. So it would make sense that he intended the spiked drink in the last scene with Michael to be for his ex-lover as well. Or?

What if Shawn was so overcome with guilt, that he meant to consume the poison himself in the last act, as either a suicide or even to frame Michael for all three deaths? And when Michael switched the drinks, in the second scenario he would have wound up killing himself. Maybe that’s a bit too Agatha Christie for porn but the vague, fill it in yourself ending (to the very poignant song by Bread) is perfect, in its own way.

I was never the biggest Scorpio fan either but he was as good as I think I remember seeing him here, as were all the sexual leads. Better than Centurians which I can’t watch without giggling and imagining a porn version of MST3K riffing on it. Robot roll call…

Thanks for linking my Letterboxd review! I was sad to learn that Munsey, a former bartender at Ty’s on Christopher St., passed away in the 90s, but I’d love to know what became of Shawn Gregory. Such a beautiful guy. The two of them have incredible chemistry in both of their ‘Francis Ellie’ films it would not surprise me if they turned out to have been real-life boyfriends at the time.

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