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Gil & Roy

grrrrrr! just purchased this magazine, picked out my favorite image, uploaded, and thought I’d have a quick in-and-out but then realized I’ve posted this before – twice in 2019! – so, scan scan scan, hope this is better. From Arena 4 (1979)

So, while I’m spending the extra time – here’s the storyline: they meet in a warehouse, not quite sleazy enough, they agree to leave and spend the rest of the afternoon in a club – cuz we all know if a dirty mattress in a dirty warehouse won’t do – a toilet in a jail cell has just got to put you in the mood!

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Interesting photo set, what my eyes are most drawn to (aside from the naked flesh on display and the guy wearing a cockring) is the artwork on the walls behind them. Seems to be at least two naked guys on the wall, one seen from the front and the other the rear view. Did the magazine mention where the photos were taken?

The first time I ever went to the Bijou in Chicago was probably late 80s, they had a large area upstairs from the theatre with many glory holes (what they called the ‘alley’ I think) but some other play areas up there as well. On one end, furthest from the patio there was a mock jail cell setting in the back of the room, and a smaller screen playing what was likely a different film than the main feature on the big screen downstairs. I don’t recall a dirty mattress on the floor up there though.

I know there were plenty of bars, sex clubs and the like across the country when this mag came out but I’m curious if you remember the upstairs at the Bijou and if that existed during your experience there, and if so what it was like. Also if the mag mentioned a photog or artist for the murals, and if any of the other pics from this set showed that art off better.

Hi Zephyr!

You’re so good at noticing these things! As far as I can tell the artist is not credited, but my set of scans are smallish and I can’t read the tiny copyright section. The text is just fiction about “Gil” and “Roy.” I don’t recognize the artist’s style, however one photo on page 36 shows what appears to be a signature. It’s a name with a date. The date appears to be ’78 or maybe ’76, but the name is not really legible, even when blown up. It sort of looks like “Suki” or “Soki”- definitely ends in an i, but I can’t decipher the rest. Artists from the 70s whose names end with an i? I can’t think of any. So frustrating.

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