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Big Parade

Big Parade – 1977 Brentwood (or 1978?)

Two things – I posted mainly for the San Francisco parade footage, as I have yet to sit down and watch the entire 28 minutes! and silly me, I actually purchased the 8MM film you see scanned here just for a good copy imagery!

“S.F. Gay Parade is in full swing. I’ve never seen so many hot fucking dudes in one area at one time. In Levi’s, shorts, tank tops, some shirtless, all exposing their warmth, sensuality and love for one another.

I couldn’t believe the hunk of a man in the miner’s helmet who was dancing on one of the floats. He was a hot mother-fucker with a body built for sex, and a rugged face with sexy bedroom eyes.”

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Now I’m going to have “Seventy-Six Trombones” from “The Music Man” stuck in my head all day…

A few things I learned about this loop when I reviewed the collection ‘Breakdown’ which includes it: this scene (and the two others in Breakdown) were directed and filmed by John Travis, and with live sound to boot which was rare for loops then as I know you also know. The footage is of the 1978 Pride parade in San Francisco, one of the banners confirms this. Harvey Milk goes by in the parade, he was killed later that year so this would have been his final Pride festivities.

Don’t know the name of the bar where the stripper parts were filmed but I did identify the two songs heard, by Bettye LaVette and of course Sylvester’s then-new hit, which some folks in the crowd even let out a whoop when it starts up. And the sex is quite hot in this scene, do yourself a favor and allot yourself a half hour to watch it in full, I think you’ll enjoy it ;)

Nice find and helpful info, Zephyr! Thanks for the great link. I sometimes have trouble navigating Reddit, so I don’t spend a lot of time there, but there are some really hot areas!

Cool to know that the character’s names were “Skip” and “Levi.” Since we don’t have official performer’s names, I’ll use those names instead for my notes.

The parade footage is awesome- wish I could have been there. I really enjoyed the hot and sweaty gogo dancer though. Did they even call them that back then?

The following scene is just wow – so hot! Those two really devour each other. Damn! Jockstraps, voracious ass-eating, that guy’s HUGE cock with the wicked bulging vein running along the top, deep throating, some kind of rope/sling/bed contraption, two splashy cumshots. I say again, DAMN.

I guess I’m not really familiar with some of the Brentwood scenes other than the ones that Falcon released. Tragic that we don’t have any ID on these guys. What the hell? The blond, no-mustache, huge dick guy looks really familiar though. I’ve seen him in print somewhere. Maybe even a mag based on this scene? I looked but couldn’t find anything. Aaargh!

Really great scene!

Thanks BJ!

If you ever figure out where else you saw “blond, no-mustache, huge dick guy” I’d love to see that, he was all kinds of sexy and raised the temperature on the sex parts of that scene.

I’m pretty sure reddit requires signing up, signing in and stating you want to see NSFW content before any links to the porn subreddits work, that’s how I understand it anyway. They have an app but I hear awful things about it and have never used it. Some adult subs gets shut down but when that happens similar ones usually take their place. Lots of bots and/or only fans hos invading many of the porn spaces now but there are a few spots that have a more specific focus and weed out the garbage posts.

The gevi listing for the scene is more complete now that I pestered Woody into updating it, the little tidbit about Sylvester and the parade signs weren’t there until I asked him to add it.

After some searching, I am feeling less confident about having seen “blond, no-mustache, huge dick guy” before, but I’ll let you and BJ know if I ever find anything. That was a hot video clip wasn’t it?

Good one you for having Woody update the GEVI listing. I haven’t bothered in a while for no good reason. Although I used to bother him so often he asked me to be a regular contributor to the site. I reluctantly said no. I have enough trouble finding time for my porn pursuits.

Thanks for the tips about Reddit!

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