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Gold mine

David Gold – from the July 1980 issue of HONCHO – most if not all of these pics I’ve posted before, but nice to see the entire COLT spread in one place

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There’s also a May 1980 appearance in Mandate, but it’s just one photo in a Colt portfolio featuring several models. The theme is leather. It is a centerfold though. It’s David Gold in the same leather cap and jacket (and nothing else), but with his hands on his head.

There’s only one other print appearance (according to SmutJunkies Gay Erotic Archives) in Honcho November 1980, but it’s also just one pic in the letters column. Likely a reference to the July issue. I’ve not seen this issue.

I guess he only did the one photo shoot for Colt. And the Palm Drive video from 1992 (which I think I found out about from BJ!) Too bad he didn’t do more. Such a hot man!

Thanks BJ!

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