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Jack Wrangler’s (bar)

bar 1941 Hyperion in the Silverlake District of Los Angeles, the former location of Cuff’s and at another time Jack Wrangler’s.

Jack Wrangler music in gay porno

Jack Wrangler – Gemini

a clip of Jack Wrangler eating ass (from the film, Gemini, thanks to NAKED SWORD) the whole dang movie (I can’t vouch for the site, view at your own risk, but I did watch a big chunk of it last night, the scene with Jack and jockstrapped Richard Locke (pics below) – Pink Floyd soundtrack!) […]

Jack Wrangler pornoclips

REAL DICK! Not fakes!

Dynamite – (1978? 1980?) Directed by Arch Brown Jack Wrangler is a “madman” who makes a time bomb inside a dildo, then plants it among one of several identical dildos in a dirty bookstore. He has sex with the store clerk, then the two of them get it on with 2 others. Several guys purchase […]

Francis Ellie Jack Wrangler pornoclips

boots & saddles

Director: Francis Ellie (1979? 1980? 1982?) Starring: Jack Wrangler, Scorpio, Roy Garrett, Adam DeHaven, Chip Kingsley, Claude Caswell, Joe Ryder, Lou Ricky, Ray Poole “there’s a plot! Jack Wrangler must track down a trick who mistakenly believes Jack gave him gonorrhea – only to wind up in the hands of “Nazi” Scorpio (thankfully, other than […]


IN HEAT (draft)

IN HEAT 1 – PREMIER ISSUE (1977) – Jack Wrangler + story by Jack; George Payne article; Marc Stevens (+ article/interview); John Holmes (+ interview); photography by HY CHASE, Richard Sullivan quick pause – this is a work in progress; been in drafts folder for years, and figured, flesh out what you can, add in […]

"vintage" porn stars

Men in the Warehouse

from the film loop The Men in the Warehouse , these pics are actually from a magazine from The Movie Guide – a publication of J&H Productions, highlighting their film shorts. The cock belongs to Jayson MacBride (or one of the dozen spellings/AKA’s for him), but other than that, I am not featuring the rest […]

Jack Wrangler music in gay porno pornoclips Xmas

Magic Fly

tradition! a clip from Navy Blue – but it’s just soooooo good! Classic story – two guys in the Navy on a 12-hour leave in NYC, each secretly in love with the other, but can’t bare to admit it to the other and risk jeopardizing their friendship. They part ways, and Jack Wrangler is trying […]