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Joey Yale

who you may remember from such films as L.A. Plays Itself (1972) Sextool (1975) Abducted (197?) (as Kenny) Rear Admiral (1980) Three Day Pass (1980) The Private Pleasures of John Holmes (1983) and then his work as director Joseph Yale, with his partner (in life, and running COSCO Studios) Fred Halsted as producer: Alleycats (1983) […]


incurable blue movie fans

can’t recall which issue of Studflix I nabbed this from – wondering what writing a pornstar was like – just to have a sex-for-pay encounter I imagine most of them were. But some goofballs (like me) might’ve been all like “OMG! You’re so hot!!! I loved you in X, are you going to do any […]

COSCO Studios pornoclips


As many of you know, I have been cleaning out my harddrive of dupes and whatnot, and any clips where I also have the full movie digitized, I delete – but first I check the pornblog, especially for “WMV” files (which I convert to “MP4” files), and delete after knowing it’s already up. Back in […]

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Working On The Railroad

“Kenny wasn’t counting on being spotted by the two husky railroad workers. It’s just that the horny teenager was so turned on by their sweaty muscular bodies, he couldn’t help shoving his hand in his jeans and playing with his heavy cock. That’s when the trouble starts! The two men take after the kid, catch […]

"vintage" porn stars pornstar - videography

Michael Christopher

who you may remember from such films as The Best Little Warehouse in L.A. – (1982) How I Got the Story – (1982) Printer’s Devils – (1982) Shore Leave – (1982) Skin Deep – (1982) Class Reunion – (1983) Doing It – (1983) Easy Entry (Buckshot) – (1983) A Few Good Men – (1983) Gayracula […]

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Dick and Joey

Dick Trask, Joey Yale – Abducted magazine, published 1977

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trick time

goshdarnit! Did i sell my largebox VHS copy of Trick Time? A Joey Yale/Fred Halsted film from 1984 – the sex isn’t what I remember, but the interviews – with Johnny Dawes, Michael Christopher – both adorable; and a brief one with Tim Kramer (kindof an idiot, if I remember correctly). Rats! Actually, I think […]