Michael & Phillip, and Steve Boyd

Michael and Phillip, two jaded mustached lovers are northbound for the redwood forests of Eureka in their pickup truck when their eyes fall upon a handsome hitchhiker, and especially his bulging crotch. – Eureka Bound (1973)

"vintage" porn stars eBay auctions

Wrangler gets it on

One of those “should I or shouldn’t I sell magazines – Getting IT On (1976) featuring Michael & Phillip, Jack Wrangler & Randy (AKA Biff) , and Joe Markhum & Jim Wilson. Well, it’s up (click pic for link)


MAKE ME LAUGH – talk dirty to me

MICHAEL & PHILLIP, Pt. 2 “ya like what i’m letting ya have, huh?” Real life couple Michael and Phillip did several mid 70’s loops (8mm films) for Falcon; Eureka Bound (with Kansas City Trucking Co. star Steve Boyd) for Brentwood; as well as numerous magazines for both those companies, as well as work for Magnum […]