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Rocky Genero (AKA Dan Pace)

who you may remember from such films as Leather Lovers (1978) – California Lineman (1979) – part of the California Fox film The Frenchman and the Lovers (aka The Harder They Fall, aka The Trouble Shooters (1979) L.A. Tool & Die (1979) Hell’s Dungeon (1979) w/ Fred Halsted Waterhole (part of the Mustang collection (Cosco) […]



so, I just went down a porn rabbit hole because of this – Joe Roberts at GEVI – where there is this: See the picture magazine Zeus Men in Bondage (1979) – and I don’t have the magazine, but only a few shitty captures from an eBay auction or two, and it made me wonder […]

COSCO Studios


from the Cosco Studios magazine Mustang II, (1979) – magazine also includes Big Iron with Stan & Mike and the short film Waterhole (1979) – starring Dan Pace (aka Rocky Genero ) & Clint

Target Studios

Ramrod 4 – Leathermania

Figuring out who’s in this publication would take more than a day’s dedication, and clearly many of the pics aren’t from 1979, it’s year of publication – but as early as 1976, 1975, 1974? The above is from an eBay auction many years back, decent example of who’s in the mag – Ted Brennan and […]

Fred Halsted Target Studios

Halsted and….

I might guess Dan Pace / Rocky Genero, but, I dunno…. note: sorry for the quality, but these images are from slides posted to eBay for sale some months back

"vintage" porn stars

California lineman

California Fox videoclip

COSCO Studios pornoclips

Water Hole (AKA Waterhole)

one of 4 shorts that comprise the film Mustang (1979) – Dan Pace aka Rocky Genero & Clint – no director listed, but my guess is that it was Fred Halsted or partner Joey Yale, no? “Hot daddy Rocky Genero is sunning himself on a diving board when mustached dirty blond Marine Clint swims up […]