"vintage" porn stars Richard Locke tattoo

nice tattoo

don’t. just don’t. it’s Richard Fucking Locke, and it’s a nice tattoo! more Richard Locke more tattoo even more Richard Locke

"vintage" porn stars Target Studios tattoo

nice tattoos

Jeremy Brent + ?

Target Studios tattoo

tattoo who?

I would take a stab it’s from Target Studios, but don’t recognize the tattoo

"vintage" porn stars print porn models Target Studios tattoo

what’s the tattoo say?

alas, only in print

"vintage" porn stars print porn models Target Studios

Ted Brennan

publications: Ramrod #4 (1979); Honcho Nov 1979; and probably Hot To Pop – one of those Bullet/Target magazines from the 1980’s (I’m still having trouble with the tattoo and scruffy beard!); and a B&W Photo Set (PR-01) and Slide Set (SR-01) – 1979 seemed to be the only year for Mr. Brennan, except for subsequent […]

"vintage" porn stars tattoo

Mike Leber (AKA Kurt Williams)

more detective work – while trying to do a post of Duff Paxton, I got distracted as it was hard to find decent pictures of him, but came across a pairing of him with a guy named Steve(n) King (who you may remember from the Billie’s Bar-B-Que scene in El Paso Wrecking Corp., )- but […]

"vintage" porn stars NOVA films tattoo

Heavy Tooling

from Heavy Tooling (1978) Nova Films, with Buck Williams (businessman) and Danny Milano (tattooed worker) – film and magazine.