"vintage" porn stars Richard Locke tattoo

nice tattoo

don’t. just don’t. it’s Richard Fucking Locke, and it’s a nice tattoo! more Richard Locke more tattoo even more Richard Locke

"vintage" porn stars Target Studios tattoo

nice tattoos

Jeremy Brent + ?

Target Studios tattoo

tattoo who?

I would take a stab it’s from Target Studios, but don’t recognize the tattoo

"vintage" porn stars print porn models Target Studios tattoo

what’s the tattoo say?

alas, only in print



i had to. the blond with the nice schlong, just, well, – NO. and while I would have liked more of Mr. Tattoo’s tattoos, the scan of the mag was poor on the left side. and seriously, the focus should be on that guy’s longing for that other guy’s cock (and maybe the white pants!)


Mustang Previews

Mustang Studios, division of Falcon Studios – like Falcon, often had previews at the end of their tapes – this features previews of: Teach Me (To Take It), Share My Feeling, (with one of my fave mid 70s’ stars, Joe Markum), Scott, 3-way Plug-In, Climax, (Mark and Ken, such nice boys), Twin Reflections, Around The […]

"vintage" porn stars

slab of Rodney

How come I never noticed Rod Garetto‘s tattoo?