Pantheon Productions

in there?

from the Pantheon magazine Spike 3, photograph by COLIN MYER, 1980

Pantheon Productions photographers

hard hats and staches

from SPIKE 3 (1980), Pantheon Productions, photographed by Colin Myer – there has to be a corresponding film, right?

Pantheon Productions pornoclips

Carpenters Tool

The loop is called Carpenters Tool (BHT-1), AKA Jeff & Larry (1980) from the LeSalon release Body Heat; the video release brought all 6 in the Body Heat series together. Potential next class project – find all 6 loops, and find all corresponding magazines (if they exist). Speaking of class projects, someone should do a […]

"vintage" porn stars Pantheon Productions photographers


from a 1979 magazine, Deuce Issue 2. Published by Pantheon, photography by COLIN MYER Ed Wiley (AKA Myles Longue) + Victor Houston – I know they appeared in a film together, Rooftop R*pe, but can’t tell if this is from same “session”