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I started typing stuff, then got distracted, then tired, then very distracted, and thought, Happy V Day should suffice. And of course, internal link to more Butch Barnes

COSCO Studios

Butch In Heat

from In Heat, No. 5 1979, an In Touch For Men publication photos from Cosco Studios; and as far as I know, appeared only in a photospread with his curly-haired partner, but no film (boohoo!)

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BILLY the grocery boy

AAAArrrgggghhhh! One of my readers (and I would add contributor – you know who you are) got me hooked on reddit – seemingly harmless enough. My first 2 days on the gay porn subreddits I enjoyed ID’ing pics and vids, then quickly spent less time daily, and just a couple check ins. But occasionally, something […]

men in suits

Killer Joe

appeared in these magazines: COLT MEN 10, of course, with Butch Barnes; HONCHO Oct 1981, and MANDATE Jan 1985. and two films: Killer & Butch, and Gunner & Killer previously on BJland

"vintage" porn stars Clay Russell

McAlister Russell

Butch McAlister & Clay Russell wish I had a better quality version of this picture. but such a hot couple! You may remember them in William Higgins’ The Boys of Venice and Nova Films’ Head for the Showers, as well as Marine Set Up; I think McAlister was in only one other film, part of […]

boots pornoclips socks

tube socks and work boots

Hot Lunch directed by: Robert Walters (1979) Starring: Rick Masters (AKA Butch Barnes) & Todd Russell I gotta tell you, it’s not just the minimal dialogue, but the sweet smiles each has for each other that gets me every time i watch this!

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i heart head

head belongs to Butch Barnes, (AKA Butch McAllister, Rick Masters); other parts belong to Clay Russell and, er, um….. who is that guy?