man with balls

been trying to identify the model, and the location. at first I assumed he was a Target model, and this was Fire Island – but the background looks way too hilly, right? so perhaps somewhere in L.A. – and could he still be a Target model? any ideas?


german to english phrasebook, por favor?

way way behind posting postcards! but this one has me confused – berlin card from danmark?? (love the birdcage stamp on the back)

Joe Gage pornoclips

at Billie’s Bar-B-Que (part 1)

“Have ya ever made it with a guy before?” – – uh uh
“Is she gonna join us?” – – she gets off watching
“She ever see you kiss a man?” – – no

El Paso Wrecking Corp.
directed by: Joe Gage (1977)
Starring: Richard Locke and Fred Halsted; Also featuring: Clay Russell, Guillermo Ricardo, Keith Anthoni (in the motorcycle scene), Mike Morris (father), Jared Benson (son), Lou Davis, Steve King, Aaron Taylor, Robert Snowden, Ken Brown, Rob Carter, Jeanne Marie Marchaud, Veronica Compton, and in non-sexual roles Georgina Spelvin (she plays the bartender), and Stan Braddock (plus other, non-credited guys from the orgies)

OK, so first, I promise I’ll post the full 10-minute scene later this week – but, just so you know, my initial plan was just to post the last 2 minutes, after the sex is over, since for me, at age 18 or whatever I was when I first saw this on the big screen at the Bijou Theater, it was the confrontation with the homophobe, and Fred Halsted tossing him through a window, that grabbed me. My heroes might suck cock, but they weren’t sissies! And with the critical 30 seconds of the scene missing from the later VHS versions, and now the DVD, this very important point in the film would be lost for the ages!

Anyway, the basic background for the scene:
The two protagonists stop in Billie’s bar. Gene, (Fred Halsted) never the one to pass a challenge, takes Will (Steve King) and his girlfriend Kay (Jeanne Marie Marchaud) down to the basement for a demonstration of man to man sex. The men have oral sex while she masturbates as she watches. Meanwhile, some homophobe is making some remarks as Locke is leaning against the bar. Halsted returns (with a big grin), but can’t believe what he’s hearing, the homophobe starts to grab Halsted, Billie (Georgina Spelvin) shouts (to Halsted) “Now Gene, you put him down” there’s a camera shot of the window, then she exclaims “Not there!”, and you see this body flung through the window! Much of the aftersex bar scene is chopped/missing from later tapes and the current DVD version.

But then last night, while I’m re watching the scene trying to decide how much to snag, it was this part here that grabbed me, this very “unlike Joe Gage scene” in a Joe Gage film. If you’ve seen a lot of his stuff, you realize that he’s not so much into gay sex as he’s into men having sex with each other. I think the no kissing thing is even more present in his more recent movies, perhaps with all the modern porn models having gay tattoos, thong tan-lines, etc., it remains the only way to show notgay man-on-man sex. But here, the kissing is critical – not just because it’s sensual, and hot, and Fred Halsted’s laid back sexiness is sooooo thick throughout the film, but because here, it’s not enough for Fred’s character to have sex with the married man while he wife watches – that’s not enough of a conquest – it has to be gay sex, with nice, sensual tongues going at it.

well, at least that’s the way I see it – click on one of the pics to view the scene.

bonus points for identifying the music during the kiss.



no really, stop it or i’ll keep doing these, instead of the clip(s) i promised

Joe Gage

smile when you say that, stranger

“Is that guy a faggot?”, he says, looking at Fred Halsted. Richard Locke gently replies, “Smile when you say that, stranger.”

see, here’s why the clip isn’t ready. Any time I go to snag a clip from El Paso Wrecking Corp., I wind up practically watching the whole goddang movie! These stills are from the first sex scene in the film, but it’s the few minutes after Fred has sex with the married guy (as his wife watches) that affected me the most. And then, years later, renting the film, I was aghast, no, HORRIFIED, I tell you – that this scene was chopped up to where it was unintelligible. grrrrrrr! (not the good grrrrrr, either!) more later when i get the clip ready.

HA! now that I’m thinking back, I remember the poor clerk at TLA Video down on West 8th street having to deal with me, as I demanded my money back, angrily pointing at the box’s promise of a 90-minute movie, when in fact it clocked in at only about 70 minutes. Poor thing started to put the tape into the overhead VCR to check out my story, then her eyes popped out as she realized in horror that it was gay porn and pulled the tape out before it got rolling, and had to take my word for it, refunding my $3.00 rental fee.


10 years, 20+ pounds ago…..


wanna steal my stuff?

any of you living in manhattan, or anyone who just doesn’t earn a lot of money, knows when you live in a small place, you gotta be a little clever about how to get your stuff in to a small space, especially when you got a lot of stuff, and a only a small tight place to put it. welcome to my bed. i sleep on top of the bulk of my porno collection, so if you wanna steal my stuff, you’d have to get past me first.

you’ve been warned!

which reminds me – gentlemen! i know i’m a lazy ass when it comes to posting videos, but heck, maybe y’all can make some (reasonable) suggestions (and no, to that guy who wants me to post full-length movies, it ain’t gonna happen, k?) and, i dunno, butter me up and get me to crawl onto, er, under, the bed, and maybe get some clips back up here again soon – whaddya think?