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July 31, 2015

Oh Bijou Video!

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Oh Roger!

You know w=one of my biggest porn pet peeves is the misleading, or in the least, inaccurate porn video box cover art. This usually entails images of men who are not in the actual film, and Bijou Video is one of the worst when it comes to this. SO I got a major chuckle out of this cover art – I mean, that cock, and Roger are both in the video, but wouldn’t it be cool if Roger was actually standing next to a 6-foot tall version of his own cock!!??

July 30, 2015

God of Cock!

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someone asked for more Big Bill Eld (AKA Bill Young)

Bill Young, who you know from such Hand In Hand Films as: Adam & Yves (1974), Le Musee aka Strictly Forbidden (1974), The Destroying Angel (1976), Sex Magic (1977), and A Night at the Adonis (1978). I’ve always wondered if his appearance in A Night at the Adonis was simply rehashed from an early film, as appearance is one of the films within the films – he’s on the big screen while others are having sex in the theater, but I just can’t recall. More vivid in my mind was his appearance in Peter de Rome’s The Destroying Angel – was he kind of a wooden actor, or just plain creepy in that film?

For Colt he did Posing Strap with Dick Trask, and Hand Spray; some others get credited to Falcon: Hand for a Star (1974), and Tradesman – but I suspect Falcon just bought them after they were produced and threw them on some videos a couple years later, or got in on the distribution end only – just a hunch. A beautifully shot scene I remember from Toby Ross’s Reflections of Youth (1974), apparently was a short called Straight A’s; I remember him in gym shorts and thought he was a gym teacher; but the link describes it more of a student taking a rest from studying.

I know there’s a bunch more – his film career seemed to have spanned 1971 (Waterbed – a 3-way with Jim Cassidy and “Connie”) to 1978’s A Night at the Adonis – all the stuff dated later seems to be earlier films that got released late on videotape…

What’s your favorite Big Bill Eld film?

July 27, 2015

dive right in!

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so that’s what a diving board is for!

July 23, 2015

Mine Kill Falls

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Another little “discovery” from a weekend trip up to the Catskills a few weeks back – Mine Kill Falls (State Park) , which you can check out on Google Maps it’s kinda tuck up there in the north west, less traveled part.

July 22, 2015

The Seducers

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This is from a magazine called The Seducers, basically still from the film Hot Off The Press (1984), I sold a copy of this many years ago. All I kinda remember is that quality wasn’t so good, bad sound, etc. My notes from the eBau auction:

  • scene 2: Matt Ramsey takes a break from work when a delivery man brings him a package
  • scene 2: Jon King and a smooth guy
  • scene 3: mustached Brad Mason and Michael Christopher Gayracula, Juice, Skin Deep , and Pleasure Beach
  • scene 4: Jon King pairs off with Clay Russell (who you may remember from Heatstroke and El Paso Wrecking Corp.
  • scene 5: mustached Brad Mason and David Ashfield
  • scene 6: Trent Washington, Robert Vega (Hispanic guy you may remember from Daddy Dearest, and Screen Play .

one of those mid 80’s films where casting credit goes to Daniel Holt…..hmmmm?!

July 21, 2015

so big!

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such BIG hair! while not from the usual era I post about (he’s 1989-1995 for movies?), couldn’t resist Mr. Steel’s charms

July 19, 2015

Hot Lunch

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click to open the brochure

Rick Masters, Todd Russell – 1983? i dunno, i think it’s got to be earlier, no?

July 18, 2015

pull it

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July 17, 2015

s-t-r-e-t-c-h fabric

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so disturbing!

July 16, 2015

nice hat

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July 15, 2015

Pleasure Piercing

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who knew? as part of California Hot Dog loops, we’ve got a film called Pleasure Piercing (check out the 2 pics here)

from a 1977 review: “The film stars Fred Halsted and another very hunky young guy (Hal Paul). One of the things that sets this film apart, besides the piercing, is that Halsted sucks cock which has to be a first, at least on film. Throughout the preliminaries, Halsted treats the other guy with a gentle concern, setting him up for that nipple piercing, and then a ring is placed in the nipple.This is the real thing, dear reader, and it’s recommended only if you’re into this scene. Both guys are in their late 20s or early 30s and well-endowed.”

Sounds like this was filmed sometime before El Paso Wrecking Corp., so perhaps we hadn’t seen Halsted suck cock before then? But for me, it’s the mascara that sets this apart!

The Shaft

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The Shaft

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