"vintage" porn stars boots


apparently, this is not my first boots post

but let me leave you with this one I call “Unfortunate fold”

OKAY one more

the quality of the photo isn’t the best – but the model, the pose, the lighting, the “what’s this guy doing can I watch will he let me” quality… that’s the ticket

Clay Russell Fred Halsted pornoclips

fast friends

Director: Fred Halsted (1987) 83 minutes

Starring: Fred Halsted, David Spectrum, Clay Russell, Dean, Gregory, Jesse Jones (AKA Mick Christopher), Al Ford

from Gay Erotic Video Index“Ten beautiful muscular Body Builders. Hot & horny action, with fetishes spanking, body worship, sweat socks and armpits. Interracial.”

Four young guys recount their sexual experiences and fantasies. First guy up describes his fantasy with muscle studs Clay Russell and David Spectrum; next up, Al Ford describes his “DAD”, Fred Halsted catching him reading a porn magazine, takes him over his knee and spanks him, them makes him jack off; finally Jesse Jones gets it on with a straight buddy..

Original music: Cooltoons, Inc. – I kinda dig the music.

There’s a lot not to like about Fred Halsted’s last effort (we can do that in the comments, if you care to watch the movie first – Fred’s dirty talk while the guy can’t get it up is kinda up there on the list!), but I do remember at the time enjoying Clay Russell’s body being adored, and this was still in a porno theater, so no fast forward – you either sat and watched, or got up and roamed around the theatre… (that’s for another time – or go look thru the archives!) ANd maybe I’m alone here, but the “str8” guy getting talked into getting head is kinda fun. Of course he’s holding a beer, hasn’t “gotten any in 3 weeks” so, ya know, what the hell???!

For a less charitable view – check this out – The Pornography of Exhaustion and Tape Decay: Fred Halsted’s Fast Friends (1986)“This is a sad, dispiriting effort all around, and it’s merely to contribute some commentary on the late-Halsted oeuvre that I even bother here; it seems nobody else has seen fit to do so.”

"vintage" porn stars Mickey Squires Richard Locke



merry merry

pornstar - videography

Matt Harper

AKA Will Seagers

who you may remember from such films as

  • Body Heat – (1976) – Man’s Image – solo, as Daren
  • Bruno & Will – (1976) -AKA Sunstruck Target Studios
  • Weekend Lockup – (1977) – Falcon Studios
  • Cowpokes – (1978) – Target Studios
  • Dune Buddies – (1978) – Hand In Hand Films
  • Fire Island Fever – (1978) – Hand In Hand Films
  • Tutor – (1978) – part of the Ramcharger compilation released on JOCKS w/Beau Jordan
  • Will Seagers and the Hustler – (1978) Falcon Studios
  • L. A. Tool & Die – (1979) – Joe Gage Films
  • Wanted – (1980)
  • Cruisin’ The Castro – (1981)
  • J. Brian’s Flashbacks – The Jock Strap Contest Film – (1981)
  • Face To Face – (1981)

  • Pegasus 2 – Hot To Trot – (1987)
  • Alone and in Heat – (1987)
  • – likely to be his solo scene from Cabin Fever

  • The Massage Boys – (1988)
  • Cabin Fever – (1988)
  • Bi-Surprise – (1988)


  • PLAYGUY Premier Issue – (October 1976) – cover
  • MANDATE – (November 1976) – cover
  • Zipper #1 – (1977) – cover
  • HONCHO – (Oct 1978)
  • TARGET: RAMROD #2 (1978)
  • TARGET: RAMROD #3 (1978)
  • WEEKEND LOCKUP from Falcon
  • Mandate Vol. 3 No. 35 (Mar. 1978)
  • WANTED pt. 2 – (1980)
  • DRUMMER 34 (1980) cover w/Richard Locke – L A Tool & Die

  • (fill in later)
  • (fill in later)

I’ve been working on this one for sooooooo long – it’s time to hit “publish” and just edit more later, or add in the comments section, or whatever – so prolific a performer, I had forgotten. While GEVI (Gay Erotic Video Index) doesn’t really show it, I’m seeing a few years gap in his film work – 1982-1986 showing nothing – ignore the 1982 dates for Bullet Productions at GEVI, that is the year the video compilations were released, not the actual film release dates. Please check out the GENE GORDON link below; amazing job over at the Fire Island Pines Historical Society website.


  • – Man’s Image (1976)
  • from the film Sunstruck – – B&W Photo Set (PJ-04) (1976) Bruno & Will Seagers – Target Studios
  • Slide Set (SI-02) (1976) Will Seagers – Target Studios
  • B&W Photo Set (PI-02) (1976) Will Seagers – Target Studios
  • w/Paul Barresi (year unknown) Target Studios

L.A. Tool & Die (1979) – “gas station scene”

check out: retrostuds – WILL SEAGERS – plenty to look at, but come back!

amazing write up here – Pines People – Gene Gordon


naughty Santa

Joe Porcelli in the leather jacket, of course; he shows up in a lot of these Rock Shots greeting cards from the 1980’s. But who’s Santa? and, um, why a construction guy?




“Ok honky, let’s show what real integration is”

directed by: J. Brian (1971/3?) Starring: Joe Markhum, Joe Nash, Ray Jackson, Kerry Clausen, John Robin, Todd Miller, Lomon Jay
I posted a clip way back in 2004, and wanted to re-post again, but it sat in the drafts folder for years! Now we’ve got the bandwidth to do the entire film – so enjoy.

Gosh, why isn’t there a JOE MARKHUM fan club? (or do you say JOE MARKHAM?) Such a doll, that thick curly hair, long sideburns, great cock and ass, and a playful readiness in all his films. Anyway, about this particular film – J. Brian’s FOUR, MORE THAN MONEY. Produced in 1971, it’s based on Phil Andros‘s autobiographical 1966 novel, STUD – actually, $TUD, but it reads funny when you type that.

Fantastic opening scene, where easy-going hustler Phil (Joe Markhum) is getting a bad blow job from a john (“feels like I got myself a scraper here”), as the voice-over narrates the introduction to other past scenarios, so that he can get “inspired” (i.e. HARD) in order to finish up with this trick. Joe Nash as the amateur bodybuilder (also “trade”) is a bit too awful/funny to get excited about (!!).

and of course, just the opening alone makes you want to grab your SHAZAAM app to ID the tunes!