"vintage" porn stars directors Joe Gage

Oil Rig 99

Starring Ryan Harker, Bud Wallace; Carrado Quinto, Jesse Jones, Jose Morales, Jeff Stone, and Tharon Davis. Directed by Mac Larsen (AKA Joe Gage).

Roy Garrett is on the box cover art (see the color insert?), but not in the film!!

intro, great voiceover, then footage of the “wilds” of Africa (Bronx Zoo, including a tiger – which doesn’t live in Africa, but I digress)

The new guy is wearing safari gear, even though he’s been assigned to, and just landed at,. an Oil Rig.

about 10 minutes in, finally the first signs of sex; the crew is asleep in their bunks, and one guy wakes up to find 2 others fooling around.

gayeroticvideoindex lists two uncredited actors, Bosch Wagner and Roy Garrett

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"vintage" porn stars

ignore the roped guy

From the March 1982 of Bronc – Bob Shane + Roy Garett

"vintage" porn stars

Mike makes a friend

John Trent – what is his “Colt Studios” name?

"vintage" porn stars Mickey Squires

(more) Mickey’s tongue

There’s a reason – OK – MANY reasons, Mickey Squires is one of the more popular porn stars on this page – this lovely tongue action is but one of them.

"vintage" porn stars NOVA films tattoo

Heavy Tooling

from Heavy Tooling (1978) Nova Films, with Buck Williams (businessman) and Danny Milano (tattooed worker) – film and magazine.

COSCO Studios Fred Halsted

rough trade

From the 1979 Cosco Studios publication, Roughtrade: featuring Fred Halsted & Joey Yale (above) and others from their studio.

1981 interview I found in SKIN Magazine



probably Colt?