men in suits Richard Locke

more locke

from Mandate, October 1979

more Richard Locke on BJland. (I need to do a filmography page for him!)

"vintage" porn stars

falcon model #1

( Ted Turner edition?)

lots of chatter on this pornoblog about falcon model #1 – the beefy, mustached (“Elliot Gould type”) guy on the far right above – and we seem to only find him as past of this one video and accompanying magazine – Round Up (as seen in the compilation video Male Stampede).

but wait! GEVI also lists Falcon model #1 in The Warehouse! Is he the (hair dark br. thinning, body natural husky bld. some body hair, moustache) cop barely visible in the pics below, and therefore in the film??? Part of a Falcon collection called Super Jock (FVP-044) that I sold on eBay in 2002? Arrrrggghhhhh!

previously on BJland: what cowboys look like without their clothes (video); and joe-markham (+ falcon model #1).

Joe Gage porn blogs

Joe Gage blog

Trying to highlight other porn blogs, and while I prefer vintage stuff, more importantly I prefer blogs and websites with minimal advertising – at least for those I recommend. You can’t get much better than Joe Gage’s – it’s a wonderful mix of internet found naughty pics, pop culture, and of course, peaks into his own work – for example these lovely pics I hope he doesn’t mind me posting from, yes, I’m 5 years behind, American Bukkake: Business Edition (2015) – the highlight is the insatiable redhead (or is that redbeard?) Brock Rustin; but don’t forget a great warm up from Justin Beal.

And tell him BJ sent you!

"vintage" porn stars

more Jack(ing)

pic is with (officer) Clint Lockner from Colt’s Playing with Danger (1979)

Jack cruising Christopher Street, enjoying Mickey’s face, and contemplating Moose.

and don’t forget Jack Hacker’s videography

Jack Deveau pornstar - videography

David Gorsky (AKA Paulo)

who you may remember from such films as

  • Rough Trades (1977)
  • Dune Buddies (1978)
  • Private Collection (1978)

all films from Jack Deveau. His magazine work often was with model “Eduardo” – AKA Target Studios Kyle Hazard. The most recent surprise for me was finding the Larry Townsend publication, Second Book of MEN IN BONDAGE, (cover below).

"vintage" porn stars

Sergeant Cox

Dave Connors, who you may remember from such films as: The Biggest One I Ever Saw!, One in a Billion, Dirt Bikes, and others…..

90's porn

say my name

no,. seriously, what’s this dudes name? Can’t for the life of me remember, but remember thinking he was so hot in the mid 90’s – a great scene on an elevator stands out…? This pic from Bound & Gagged #67 – Nov/Dec 1998.