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say my name

no,. seriously, what’s this dudes name? Can’t for the life of me remember, but remember thinking he was so hot in the mid 90’s – a great scene on an elevator stands out…? This pic from Bound & Gagged #67 – Nov/Dec 1998.

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‘Mark Kroner’ is a great name, and is most unusual. Glad you posted him. Fabulous body and brazenly succulent basket (I almost never go for red hair–anywhere on the body–and I probably still don’t, but rather would hardly notice it), and it would be lovely to ‘get pregnant’ by him since no offspring would result–just pregnant pleasure.

Otherwise, I posted here mainly because *gagged* he actually resembles Prince Charles, of all people. Probably that wouldn’t necessarily continue *un-gagged*, but was sort of uncanny. I wonder if anyone else sees it. On the other hand, I would not want Prince Charles up any orifices, whereas Kroner may not be my #1, I would definitely cheat on any #1 I might have to fuck him.

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