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Ray Medina

who you may remember from such films as:

  • The Big Box – (1980)
  • Wanted – (1980)
  • Rawhide – (1981)
  • Gayracula – (1983)
  • Tightropes 6: Beefcake Bodybuilders in Bondage – (late 80’s?)

Ray Medina – AKA Julio Campas (for COLT), J. W. Stone / Ray Vega (for Steve Scott’s Wanted) – just this handful of films – I still have Wanted and Gayracula (uncut); but alas, sold Rawhide as well as Tightropes 6. Too bad he wasn’t in an additional scene in Gayracula (the “dance” with balls popping out of butt his butt took away from the eventual sex, 8 minutes inclusive); the scene in Wanted may well be my favorite, thanks to Wrangler’s performance… I do wish I had hung on to Tightropes 6 – my auction description at the time: “COLT / ZEUS Muscledaddy – 30 minutes of Ray Medina – some time on a motorcycle, then a sling, and more time with him being massaged, groped, etc. OK – while the Wrangler scene is my fave, the COLT clip has to be the hottest overall – just sweat and mouths and mouths and boy parts – and the way Ray looks in those jeans!

who you may remember from such magazines as:

  • Mandate – December (1981) – cover – uncredited! – “Danger Zone”
  • HONCHO September (1982) – uncredited! – “heat”
  • HONCHO January (1983) – uncredited! “Spit Shine” spread
  • Wanted – pt 1 – from SURGE – with Jack Wrangler from the 1980 film

"vintage" porn stars pornoclips VHS cover art

(some) Rawhide

Looks like I posted this clip back on April 06, 2006 – when I was selling my VHS copy – but thought a re-look was in order. Oh, Chris Burns – not a fave of mine, but boy was he “partnered” with a lot of hot men!

Director: Tony Prince (1981) – only 2 films, but Tony Prince Studios is credited with distributing dozens of short films.

oh, there’s more!



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"vintage" porn stars

I can ignore the headband…

wish I was better at connecting the parts

Ray Medina – (AKA Julio Campas)

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Brian Adams

who you may remember from such films as:

  • The Big One (1988)
  • The Main Attraction (1988)
  • G.I. Mac (1988)
  • Hard Men 2: No Strings Attached (1988) – non-sex sexy dancing?
  • (Surge Men Are) Better Than Ever (1989)
  • (Surge Men Are) Very Receptive (1989)
  • The Rites of Summer (1989)
  • The Rites of Fall (1989)
  • Handtools 1 (1990) – solos? is it a compilation from elsewhere?

so maybe I overdid it a bit with the pics – 20??? I rarely do that! it must be the stache! and while this isn’t my favorite clip of him, it’s what I got handy. I really need to digitize both G.I. Mac (it’s a solo scene, but if I recall correctly, pretty sexy) and of course, The Big One – just to see Brian as a TV anchor (or reporter) doing it with the cheesy earthquake effects.

Brian Adams on GEVI

from (Surge Men Are) Better Than Ever, with Joe Cade and David DeBello (1989)

who you may remember from such magazines as:

  • Stallion November – (1988)
  • MANDATE, August – (1988) – COVER
  • INCHES, September – (1988)
  • Advocate Men – October (1988) –
  • Men of Advocate Men – March (1989)
  • Advocate Men – June (1989) – cover
  • Manshots Vol. 1 No. 6 (June) (1989) – — G.I. Mac feature
  • Advocate Men Letters – (1989)
  • All-Man, October – (1988)
  • Skinflicks Vol. 9 No. 2 (March) (1989)1989
  • Cocky Obsession

wow – you got this far! If you want to see an abomination, check out the 20th Anniversary box cover for The Big One — ewwww!

"vintage" porn stars

whose ass is this

(or is that whose asses are these?)

Brentwood pornoclips

Kevin & Craig

or is that Craig and Kevin (1973) ? – parts 1 & 2

a Brentwood film – and once you watch this, you know the music was added later – starring Craig (Ron Fraser) and Kevin (apparently Ron did some modeling for In Touch) This version is from one of those Bucky’s Triple XXX collection of loops – and as annoying as the bad music, and mediocre quality is, it’s not always easy to find these films otherwise. But if I do, I’ll post.