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Popular Mechanics     hot male mechanics

Director: Richard Morgan (1985 )

Starring: Kyle Carrington, Dan (Danny)Parks, John Von Crouche, Shawn Michaels, Scott Avery; with Jamie Wingo, Paul Baressi (spelled Paul Barressi here), Ron Chambers, Tony James, Eric Martinez, David Leslie, Russ Starchild, Christopher James

The film was originally released as Popular Mechanics and the rumor was that the magazine of the same name sued, or threatened to sue, so they changed the name. Occasionally you can find an original release on eBay – I even saw the VHS box – the box alone! – asking for like $50 bucks! This first scene, Kyle Carrington and his “dad”, Paul Baressi waking up and getting ready for work, each giving a hot solo performance in the shower.

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bonus extra pic of Baressi’s ass

and…. artwork for advertising and VHS cover

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Jesus Christ! What a recent discovery! I don’t have a television, so all the news I get, is from the internet or the radio.

It’s safe to say, that from these last few years, politics has been anything, but boring – talk about a scandal!

There’s a hot, garage scene in this movie, where a cute, little Latin hottie, by the name of Eric Martinez; does a “flip-flop“, with the fair, and equally adorable, Scott Avery – mocha and vanilla!

That same year, 1985, this lusty Latin, did another hot “flip-flop”, with another stud-muffin, Jeff Converse. I know you’ve seen Falcon’s “Spring Break”. In that porn flick, he uses the name Joe Savage.

Roger Montoya aka Eric Martinez/Joe Savage; did these scenes as a college student, which he now regrets. He’s now 59 years old. I can’t say he aged well. : (

But I do acknowledge that he has a nice dick. I know you appreciate that! LOL!

He moved very gracefully in those two scenes. No wonder – he was a dancer and a gymnast.

See, I told you to focus on some more “hotties” and “stud-muffins”. They can surprise you! I know you prefer the “film” age, but the years during VHS videotape, can also be interesting. : )

I’ve no doubt, that if you were a resident of New Mexico, you would definitely vote for him!

; )

I had read that story too before the election obsessed, not sure where I saw it but probably from one of the clickbait-y gay news sites. Roger actually won his race since the sword article was written so he will be the representative for N.M. state house district 40 come (cum?) January, when the new session begins.

It’s too bad he revealed his past in porn with such apparent shame, based on his statement. By the 80s it certainly wasn’t illegal for an adult anybody to make a porn film or pose nude for a photo spread, and he could have just owned up to it and likely not lost many votes he wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. Maybe somebody was threatening to blackmail him with it? Certainly among the 40 and under crowd now I think it’s a collective shrug about that kind of thing, I mean who HASN’T spurted a load online these days? (and I thank so many of them for doing so)

Roger was fairly hot, I don’t think he looks that bad for being almost 60 now either but that’s subjective. What irritated me (not surprised though) was the blogger who announced the “scoop” running him down for not wearing a condom while doing his two filmed fuck scenes. First of all, and I guess it’s left to those of us who remember it firsthand to explain it to people who don’t know what it was like, 84/85 was when the safe sex message was first starting to be connected to what was being learned about HIV, and the absolute beginnings of condoms appearing in gay porn. I know BJ has talked about Lifeguard before, that was 85 which was the same year his two films came out, so they even could have been made in 84. Besides no actor in a porn film had the power to do anything like demand the use of a condom then, director says ‘fuck’ and the guys get at it or they don’t get paid. It’s not right to issue some blanket statement pearl-clutching about guys not wearing condoms, or even calling it bareback which was a later term for it, if it was before anybody knew what was causing it to happen or had time to react to the changes that forced in how porn (and sex in general, esp. gay sex) happened.

(that’s a thorn that has been stuck in my craw for years now, thanks for reading)

Shawn Michaels was in Getting It, kind of a terrible actor but at least he looked really good with his natural dark hair. That look he has on the cover of Popular Mechanics is AWFUL, some guys should never seriously think about going blond because it looks like a disaster (to me). He was hot in his Getting It scenes anyway, nice dick. My favorite scene is with Jim Bentley, Joe Gere and the other guy smoking a bong in the van.

yeah – i agree that its a shame that candidate Montoya feels the need to denigrate his past – but who knows, maybe it was exploitative in his case; its just tiresome as it is, was, an acceptable choice – working in porn. and I agree what is NOT acceptable is that 80’s obsession (thanks, Falcon) with badly dyed blond hair like with Shawn Michaels and numerous others!!

the “bareback” thing is particularly offensive, but the original blogger, of course he is going to sensationalize it, as their goal is to defeat this candidate. 1985 it was NOT the norm to have condoms in porn, but that doesn’t mean folks weren’t trying. I think it was Scott Ohara in his “autopornography” who describes asking for condoms to be used, but Falcon refusing; I think Al Parker got pushback from theater owners when he tried to show safe sex in his movies… But of course, The Sword keeps up the sensationalism but continuously using the term “bareback” – and linking not to the Spring Training clip, but the same scene in the compilation FUCK ME RAW.

so even the gay sites that seem supportive, seem to have no interest in putting this in context…. but they are selling getting off, not philosophic and social debates about sexuality, exploitation, freedom of choice, etc.

and another thing – he was in TWO VIDEOS –

“The investigative report found that Montoya appears to have had unprotected sex in multiple gay films titled “Hot Male Mechanics,” “Spring Training,” “The Lumber Yard,” “Falcon Bareback,” and “Hot Chili Peppers 2” going by the name “Joe Savage” or “Eric Martinez.” One source notes, “Joe Savage has concentrated on working with Distribpix / Video-X-Pix, Falcon Studios, and Midnight Video.” These all appear to be pornographic production companies.” – the first two are the original movies, the next 3 are compilations! and i love the “one source notes” – its a link to a gay porn site, not actual research! oh wait, the porn site updated its bio – good for them (although Midnight video has never produced porn, just rehashed it)

oh my – did not know…. and don’t remember the scene in HOT MALE… but, the scene in SPRING TRAINING! yes, i remember it well, ahem! and i remember watching it many. many times – Joe Savage up on the banister for easy access for Jeff Converse – YUM!

Damn it! I knew the Falcon film title was “Spring Training” and not “Spring Break”. I made a note to myself, not to make the mistake, but I did it anyway. Oh well… : /

As compensation, here’s the clip from “Popular Mechanics aka Hot Male Mechanics” that I mentioned above. I think Martinez and Avery make a very sweet, adorable couple. : )

You do know of course, that all the vintage porn clips, which upload free online, are edited. This one clocks in at 5:57 minutes. But I know the original was longer. : (

I distinctly remember, a fleeting moment toward the end of their sexual tryst, where Martinez/Savage breaks character, and looks right at the camera. I forgive him. See, my memory isn’t totally shot! : )

Perhaps to the credit of Bijou, they strategically cut this blooper out.

Now that I think about it, I actually think my memory is better than yours – not to boast. How can you not, have remembered this tender scene?! It’s very sweet and sexy!

They say that it’s the memory that goes first. None of us are getting any younger. ; )

tells the story kyle made 2 movies in 1984 and 1985 in 1987 he left gay porn in 1989 and until 1993 he had a boyfriend and found out he is HIV positive kyle’s boyfriend left him and he went to live in hawaii in 1996 in 1997 committed suicide poor handsome kyle rest in peace

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