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Josh Kincaid

who you may remember from such films as:

  • Blues in the Afternoon (pts 1 & 2) AKA Hit the Deck (1979) – Bullet Videopac 5 – with Rod Mitchell
  • Teacher’s Pet AKA Master Lesson (1979) – found in Bullet Videopac 9 – with Bruno
  • Against the Rules (1980) found in FVP008 – w/Mac Turner in pt 1; Mac & Eric Nolte in pt 3
  • Three’s Company AKA Coming Attractions (1981) – found in Bullet Videopac 8 – with George Broadway and Rod Mitchell
  • Tad’s Lads ???? – check out link, I don’t think so

I think this is the best place to pause, and read. My god what an ass! Isn’t Kyle lucky! Anyway, 3 loops for Target Studios; 2 include Rod Mitchell (needs its own post). Plus 2 for Falcon – on the same VHS tape ( Against the Rules has 3 parts, Josh is in #1 and #3; pt 1 is a bit disturbing, I have to say, as the “kid/cadet” keeps saying no to “coach”; pt 3, the 3-way, is portrayed as totally consensual). It’s interesting in porno world, you can do a couple of films in 1979/80, but the magazines can go on for years. In this case, I don’t know that any new still photography came out after 1980 – looks like everything was created off the films, and then, by what, 1982/83, with the popularity of home video, magazines reflected “new” VHS releases of films made years earlier, and featured these earlier imagery.

Two Three mysteries – Kyle Hazard and Josh – no film(s)? and stills of Josh and Branch Lester? Don’t think I’ve seen those. 3rd mystery, having pontificated that the stills are all from the film shoots, or about the same time, what about the July 1982 issue of Honcho, photos from FALCON, of Josh poolside? Same shots, or corresponding shots in the 1982 Falcon magazine FALCONERS #4 (promoting FVP008 “videopac” Against the Rules. No such corresponding film, as far as I know!

Josh Kincaid on BJland
Josh Kincaid on GEVI (Gay Erotic Video Index)

who you may remember from such publications as:

  • LANCER #2 (1979) –
  • March NUMBERS – (1980)
  • Falcon File No8 (1980)
  • 1980 Target Calendar
  • Falcon File No9 (1981?)
  • BLAST – Target Studios
  • Target Album No2 – (1981)
  • Blues in the Afternoon ?? – Target Studios – 23 pages (part of larger mag.?)
  • PLAYGUY v06 n09 – (1982) – only 1 pic
  • LOADED – (1982) – Target Studios
  • Against the Rules – FALCON
  • FALCONERS #4 – (1982) – FALCON – cover + 10-page spread
  • June HONCHO – (1982) – 1 pic?
  • July HONCHO – (1982) – cover +
  • December TORSO – (1983) – ??
  • April JOCK – (1985)
  • Sept MANSHOTS – (1998) – Bullet Videopac 9 review
  • June MANSHOTS – (1999) – Bullet Videopac 8 review
  • DOUBLE TROUBLE B&W Photo Set (PR-04 – 1979) Josh Kincaid & Franco [Branch Lester] – Target Studios

Surge Studios tattoo

mystery model

why working on a post (that is taking many days!) I thought I’d just toss out a simple one-photo post, went to scan a pic from a newly acquired Playguy, and remembered my “scanning policy.” Don’t just scan a pic or two, always get the cover, the index, and then whatever your needed, plus, if time permits, other pages of interest. Then, change file names to reflect the name of the publication, date, and page number… all this so later it’s easier to find. So the 2-minute diversion from the original post I was working on has turned into an hour – plus! Anyway, only 2 pics of this guy, the other, but shot, is too pimply, but I thought he was decent looking – now what’s that tattoo?

very Prince Dirty Minds imagery; wondering if he made it into any Surge Studios films? And now, a new potential topic, or post category – Surge models who never appeared in a movie!

"vintage" porn stars pornoclips

AKA Alien Anal Probe

not exactly a repost/rerun, but a “wow! did anyone watch that 1974 film I posted?

– OK, OK, I admit I only skimmed thru before posting, but looking again, there’s so much! No, no alien probe, per se (but yes, sex with alien – sexy Jim Cassidy), as well as a 7-person orgy, and lots and lots of Dick Trask – in a suit, even! Did I mention the alien has 8 nipples, and creepy finger nails? And Dick Trask, with a ‘stache!!

so here’s a teaser – and if interested, go to the original post from 2016 to watch/download the entire film

Director: Sebastian Figg (1974 ) shot on film – 60 minutes running time

Starring: Kent Banning (AKA Dick Trask), Eliot Crawford, William Margole, Demond Farley, & Chronos (AKA Jim Cassidy)

"vintage" porn stars pornstar - videography

Tex Murdock

who you may remember from such films as

  • Hot Beach – (1979) – Fox Studio w/ Tony Regalia
  • Leather Bond – (1981) from the Muscle Up collection from Fox Studios, w/ Tom LeDuc
  • Cowboy’s Dream (1983/4?) – Sunblazer Studio – solo

Tex Murdock, one of the few classic porn models who I like that look amazing both with all their body hair, and with it trimmed (same for Ledermeister )- and don’t get me started on ‘stach and beard!! Looking good in all his looks!

Modelling works seems to have been primarily for Fox Studios, plus some excellent work for Sunblazer Studios. Colt work appears to be very very thin; in fact, I could only find 2 COLT publications with him in it, a single photo each, and he’s on that motorcycle – the one you also see in some Fox Studio photos. And while looking at publications, I came to realize that the July Numbers from 1981 has a different photographer – one I’d never heard of – Jim Brock! and while Numbers isn’t my favorite for photo/print quality, there’s some nice pics, include some butt shots! MMMMMmmmmmm!

publications –

  • Lethal Meat – (1979) – Fox Studios
  • Mandate – (November 1980) cover and photospread, from Fox Studios
  • Colt Leather Calendar – (1981)
  • Stallion – (March 1981)
  • Numbers – (July 1981) – 5 pages plus index photo – photos by Jim Brock!!
  • In Touch for Men #59 – (September 1981) – 6 pages from Fox Studio
  • Torso – (October 1982) – 12 pages from Sunblazer
  • Sun Power – (1982) Sunblazer Studios
  • FOX CALENDAR – (1984) – Fox Studios
  • All Muscle 2 – (1987) – Fox Studios
  • Colt Studio Presents 11 – Leather Tour de Force – (1988?)
  • Leather Masters – (1990 ) Fox Studios
  • FOX: VIDEO MAGAZINE 1 – (1993) – Fox Studios
  • Jock Collectors: “Men of Sunblazer Studios.” (1993) – Sunblazer Studios
  • FOX PHOTOSETS – (?) 021 (solo) 022- (w/Tony, presumably Regalia)- Fox Studios

Tex Murdock on GEVI

these are the Numbers photos from Jim Brock, followed by the only 2 Colt photos I could find – the final one, also on the motorcycle (I hope it was his, and not just a prop!) from Fox Studios / Mandate.


stunt cock

The opening scene (minus the credits) from Too Big for His Britches (1987) – a favorite film of mine, not the least of which is Matt Christy, who’s in 3 scenes including this one. Somehow he escaped the “big hair” of 1987 (I’m looking at you Jim Reeves, Jeff Turner – and your disappearing beard – and Chad Douglas) and looks fantastic. Normally a solo whack-off scene doesn’t appeal to me, but his paging thru some magazines – FOX HUNT 2 (why he stops on Rick Sykes instead of Jimmy Metz or cowboy Matt Hollander is beyond explanation!) and Sergeant Cox especially the sticky pages, trying to get off, is kinda fun. Realizing he’s running late, he hops in the shower and still can’t focus, imagining he gets in on with…. Sergeant Cox from the magazine and film The Biggest One I Ever Saw played by Dave Connors, but here…stunt cock/director Bill Harrison/Ronnie Shark!

Al Parker Surge Studios

basic plumbing

I know I’ve (only) posted a single image before from this photospread, and it was not my intention today to do this post. But ran into an issue on a “videography” post where I thought the 10 pics, videography and publication list were pretty darn complete, but the 3 photo studios turned into a 4th, who I had never heard of, but appeared in this same 1981 issue of Number magazine. Can’t find the hard copy, and my only scans are of this Surge Studio spread. Look closely at the Al Parker at the fence pics – doesn’t that look like Nick Rogers? I know, I know, it’s got to be the mustached man we see in these other pics, but still…. then again, and check out the pic with mustache man’s red plaid shirt, different from the fence guy shirt? and the glory hole pic – 3 people, and perhaps the 3rd is Nick?

photography by Joe Tiffenbach

print porn models socks

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