photographers print porn models

toe curls

from In Touch magazine, photographer Richard Boetger

"vintage" porn stars Paul Barresi

yes sir

yet more Paul – this from a 1980 Janus Publication magazine called YES SIR!. I need to get better about crediting publications and photographers, which you may have noticed, I’ve been doing recently. Don’t care for his “partner” in this mag, so he’s cropped out in one of these pics. ANd of course, finally adding a “Paul Barresi” tag for those who don’t care for the search function.



This must be photographer Jean-Daniel Cadinot, no? At one point in my drafts folder I had a list of many of his magazines, and some where his photography was prominent, if not the entire publication. Somehow it got deleted. These look very familiar, but are uncredited, and I found in a magazine called Latin Studs. Any insights into who these men are, if I am correct, and any magazine of film attribution for them would be awesome, thanks.

update definitely Cadinot, originally from a magazine called TRANSIT STOP

Pantheon Productions photographers pornoclips socks

impulse #6

“Don’s been helping Carl work on his truck but can’t resist the bulge in Carl’s overalls. Car and Don suck and rim each other in the truck’s cab and over the door before moving to the back where Carl fucks the shit out of Don.”

wait; what? over the door?

Impulse #6 – Garage (1981)

pics from the 1980 Pantheon magazine, REV #2, photographed by ADAM CADMAN

edit/update:“With Peter Gomez autograph. Nice guy. Hot sex.”

photographers print porn models


photo by Glenn M. Turner

balls COSCO Studios

weight bench

from Fred Halsted’s 1979 film – Mr. Teenage Barbell – with George Conover, and Josh’s balls – er, and Josh

NOVA films pornoclips

The Audition

Director: The Audition (1982?), with Mark Murray and Quinn Curtis

“When Mark Murray appears at Quinn Curtis’ club to audition as a male stripper, young and handsome Quinn is in for quite a surprise, for Mark is not only a superb dancer, he is also totally uninhibited. “