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George Conover

who you may remember from such films as

  • Special Delivery (1977)- found in Hot Rods (Nebula/NOVA) and Close Encounters film loops collections
  • Hot Property (1978) found in the Manhandlers Collection
  • End Play (1978) found in Lockerroom loops
  • Backfield in Motion (1979) – found in the Beached! and Backfield in Motion collections
  • Basket Practice (1979) found in the His Little Brother and My Guy collections
  • Doin’ Their Homework (1979) found in the House Calls collection (1980)
  • Mr. Teenage Barbell (1979), found in the Pieces of Eight – COSCO – collection (1980)
  • The Diary (Toby Ross) (1982)

One reply on “George Conover”

Don’t know George Conover very well, but I saw him in a Janus Studios mag from the late 70s where he was called “Marc.” The great thing about that mag was that in many of the photos you could see the blond fuzz on his chest and belly. Very sexy! In other photos he appeared shaved smooth. Also sexy, but not as much to my eyes.

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