"vintage" porn stars NOVA films pornstar - videography

George Conover

who you may remember from such films as

  • Special Delivery (1977)- found in Hot Rods (Nebula/NOVA) and Close Encounters film loops collections
  • Hot Property (1978) found in the Manhandlers Collection
  • End Play (1978) found in Lockerroom loops
  • Backfield in Motion (1979) – found in the Beached! and Backfield in Motion collections
  • Basket Practice (1979) found in the His Little Brother and My Guy collections
  • Doin’ Their Homework (1979) found in the House Calls collection (1980)
  • Mr. Teenage Barbell (1979), found in the Pieces of Eight – COSCO – collection (1980)
  • The Diary (Toby Ross) (1982)

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