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Director: Robert Walters (?) (1979) (NF142) starring Ty Arthur and Bill Lake

Ty Arthur in a wet suit almost makes the music bearable! But seriously, turn the volume off – there’s not even any dubbed in sex noises. The special effects, however, are awesome! Those underwater shots! And Bill Lake’s swimsuit (is that a swimsuit?)!

more from BJland on Beached!

"vintage" porn stars NOVA films


I sold this 59 minute video back in 2002 – as you can see, I missed identifying Dan Kennedy, and I don’t think Mike Arlen was in the video

Starring: Kent Thomas, Gregg Donovan, Brad Dillon, Jeff Hitchcock, plus one uncredited

59 minutes running time 5 solo performances

  • Looking Good – Kent Thomas comes home from work and gets out of his suit, and down to his briefs
  • The Jock – Gregg Donovan finds a jockstap in the lockerroom
  • Working Off – Brad Dillon imagines being a go-go dancer
  • Spittin’ Image – nicely filmed sequence of Jeff Hitchcock admiring himself in various mirrors
  • The Bike Jocker – while working on his motorbike, this jock undresses down to his jockstrap, and less, while straddling the motorcycle (no name credited)

notice that GEVI’s page on FISTSFULL has Mike Arlen, and also, of course, identifies Dan Kennedy in what I think is his only film appearance. Damn – look at how Kent Thomas and Dan Kennedy look so much alike – and no pic of Brad Dillon in the promotional material!

NOVA films

Cowboy Marlin

"vintage" porn stars NOVA films pornstar - videography

Jeff Scott

who you may remember from such films as

  • Little Brother’s Coming Out (1981)
  • The Main Attraction (1982)

oh, just two films? but also some magazines, based on the films:

  • The Main Attraction (from NOVA Starline)
  • Little Brother’s Coming Out, No. 1 (a NOVA publication)
  • LOADS! #5
  • (place holder)
  • (place holder)

"vintage" porn stars NOVA films

up the down staircase

So many NOVA stars wind up in these “compilation” magazines, like Super Star Studs, and JOCK SHOTS – Gym Nasties #2 – but it’s fun to figure out who, and when

more Lee Marlin

"vintage" porn stars NOVA films pornoclips

Head for the Showers

“When we began to put this project together, we considered calling our film “Colt Meets Target” for our two models first caught our eye in the work of these two studios. John Towers was featured in a recent Colt catalogue (under a different name) and Clay Russell is featured in Target’s most recent Ramrod magazine. So, if you are familiar with these studios’ work (and we hope you are), you know what to expect when John and Clay meet in the locker room – beautiful bodies, super-masculine faces, sex-oriented personalities and hot and heavy action.”

Clay Russell and John Towers (AKA Butch McAlister) did a total of 3 films together; Marine Set Up and The Cowboyscene from The Boys of Venice (1979) were the other two.

more pics from print version of Head for the Showers.

"vintage" porn stars NOVA films pornstar - videography

George Conover

who you may remember from such films as

  • Special Delivery (1977)- found in Hot Rods (Nebula/NOVA) and Close Encounters film loops collections
  • Hot Property (1978) found in the Manhandlers Collection
  • End Play (1978) found in Lockerroom loops
  • Backfield in Motion (1979) – found in the Beached! and Backfield in Motion collections
  • Basket Practice (1979) found in the His Little Brother and My Guy collections
  • Doin’ Their Homework (1979) found in the House Calls collection (1980)
  • Mr. Teenage Barbell (1979), found in the Pieces of Eight – COSCO – collection (1980)
  • The Diary (Toby Ross) (1982)