Jack Wrangler NOVA films

Sea Cadets (in action)

above, Semen First Class pics with of course Jack Wrangler.

so you can see I got the images from a NOVA produced magazine, but I have no date on when this magazine was issued. below are the scans (back in 2007 when I didn’t save large file size images – drats!) from the eBay auction when I sold these two 8MMs.

Sea Cadets (collection)

NOVA films

NOVA (questions)

for many months, on eBay, a seller would post photos that he labeled “NOVA” – but often, I wasn’t quite sure if he had labelled them correctly, so I would save them as “NOVA_question” and I have about 30 or so of these on my hard drive. So, is the guy above a NOVA model? and if so, is this him below, in a NOVA film called Sea Cadets?? – and then, of course, what is his name, and which short film was he in?

of course, not til I am confident that he’s a NOVA model, will i tag the post “NOVA”

NOVA films

NOVA question

around the beginning of 2021, a seller on eBay began selling photos that he claimed were from NOVA FILMS – and many clearly were, and some I wasn’t so sure. So I began to download them, renaming them “NOVA_question_” and adding a number, eventually reaching 30 some photos that I wanted to identify. Here’s one. I am sure that is Greg Dale and…. ? Anyone?

NOVA films

sweater weather

NOVA films pornoclips


Director: Robert Walters (?) (1979) (NF142) starring Ty Arthur and Bill Lake

Ty Arthur in a wet suit almost makes the music bearable! But seriously, turn the volume off – there’s not even any dubbed in sex noises. The special effects, however, are awesome! Those underwater shots! And Bill Lake’s swimsuit (is that a swimsuit?)!

more from BJland on Beached!

"vintage" porn stars NOVA films


I sold this 59 minute video back in 2002 – as you can see, I missed identifying Dan Kennedy, and I don’t think Mike Arlen was in the video

Starring: Kent Thomas, Gregg Donovan, Brad Dillon, Jeff Hitchcock, plus one uncredited

59 minutes running time 5 solo performances

  • Looking Good – Kent Thomas comes home from work and gets out of his suit, and down to his briefs
  • The Jock – Gregg Donovan finds a jockstap in the lockerroom
  • Working Off – Brad Dillon imagines being a go-go dancer
  • Spittin’ Image – nicely filmed sequence of Jeff Hitchcock admiring himself in various mirrors
  • The Bike Jocker – while working on his motorbike, this jock undresses down to his jockstrap, and less, while straddling the motorcycle (no name credited)

notice that GEVI’s page on FISTSFULL has Mike Arlen, and also, of course, identifies Dan Kennedy in what I think is his only film appearance. Damn – look at how Kent Thomas and Dan Kennedy look so much alike – and no pic of Brad Dillon in the promotional material!

NOVA films

Cowboy Marlin