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CRUISE Man of the Year

there’s actually 2 porn stars in this pic (unless I missed the 3rd one) – you probably know at least one of them, right?

boots socks

It’s the Real Thing

Bart? – is that you?

because they can pornoclips Surge Studios

Turbo Charge

Turbo Charge – (1988) – starring: Al Parker, Justin Cade, Dixon Hardy, Frank Sterling, James Williams (GEVI erroneously also lists Daniel Holt + J D Slater! nope.)

I had this one years ago, big box and all (top pic is from the eBay auction, actual box); wasn’t my cup of tea, even though the Al + Justin scene was decent (over 30 minutes! condoms, Saran Wrap, surgical gloves) but back in 2007 I needed the cash and…. shoot! Not just one of the first explicitly “safer sex” videos, but I think the one I sold was 78/80 minutes, while this crappy digital version I now have is shy of 58 minutes, ending abruptly with Al giving head to ridiculously enlarged James Williams. From my notes, the scene above may have had a “finale” that pops up later on the video. Grrrrrr – I don’t want to find a full 78/80-minute version, but I may have to.

in other news, I am slowly trying to digitize a bunch of stuff, realizing that VHS won’t last forever, and finding some surprises – both good and bad. My “library” copy of Score is the full 90 minutes, not the R-rated 70 (Yeah!); but my copy of Steve Scott‘s I Do is in shitty shape (BIG original box, but cassette is k-rap!)! arrrgggh! And I had to buy two video head cleaners, as running these old dusty tapes through the machine is well, dirtifying, the machine.



Full Load: Maximum Oversize – (1988) “precondom” – Director John Travis

I remember “enjoying” this back then (yes, “enjoy” in quotes is subtle code for pounding my meat), but even then the title made me titter – did Homer Simpson (MAX POWER – Season 10, Episode 13) come up with the title? Take a cock for everytime they mention “load” in this movie! I would’ve preferred the scene with Stockwell on the forklift (it’s the boots; no the hat! no the boots!) but Sparkey O’Goofball isn’t quite my speed – not sure these other two are, either…

Starring: Ray Stockwell, Jim Pulver, Mike Henson, David Diamani, Nick Russell, Dirk Matthews, Sparky O’Toole, Rex, Mark Donovan, and in non-sexual roles Doug Niles

from scene 4: Ray Stockwell meets Dirk Matthews at a weigh station and Dirk cuts to the chase: “load load load load” another guy (Nick Russell) helps

I don’t usually follow these things, but apparently David Ashfield did a good amount of stunt cock work in this movie – is he in this scene?


size counts

The Size Counts – (1988) – Director: Jeff Lawrence (1988) 86 minutes running time – condoms not always used (years later, the term “pre-condom” became common in sales pitches on line, like eBay – and 1988 was a year where producers might allow them, but they weren’t always required) This scene, condomless.

Starring: Nick Fabrini, Bill Hunter, Chad James, Eric Manchester, Eric Rogers, Eric Ryan, Jeremy Scott, Geoffrey Spears, Emory Williams (this scene, of course, Nick Fabrini and Eric Manchester)

It’s Nick’s bod, balding head, and thick cock that I remember most – I think there’s a “plot” – Eric Ryan and Jeremy Scott talking about big dicks between scenes. If you really pay attention, looks like Nick’s cock is hardest when Eric’s schlong is in his mouth.