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Damon Douglas

who you may remember from such films as:

One film (apparently, a solo while 2 “peeping Toms” watch and get turned on); and 3 magazines? THAT’s IT? Handsome mustached hairy fucker, c’mon! There’s got to be more!

Damon Douglas

who you may remember from such magazines as:

  • Shooters – #1 (1983)
  • HONCHO September (1984) – Please, Sir – 4 or 5 pics
  • HONCHO November (1984) – cover – more pics from same shoot in S & Men
  • S & Men – Surge Studio

NOT making the cover shot of the Shooters magazine makes me think yes, not only did he do “only” a solo, but probably wasn’t filmed with any of the other models, right?

Pantheon Productions photographers

stroke this

working on a longer “videography” post on a 70’s pornstar who never got top billing, was supersexy, but alas, pics of him are few and far between – in fact nearly all what i am finding, he is upstaged by a certain even sexier more famous (and yet less prolific, film-wise, star) so meanwhile….

From the magazine Strokes No3 (1980), from PANTHEON Productions, photographed by ADAM CADMAN. Unable to find any corresponding film, nor the names of either of these gulpalicious men.

"vintage" porn stars

may I help you?

Butch McAlister

"vintage" porn stars

who’s your friend?

on the right, Nick Rodgers (AKA Nick Rogers), but on the left? ( I feel I should know this!)

vintage gay t-shirts ZEUS Studios

PADUCAH – Torso (1985)

Great face, hot body, nice ass, good balls, but


oh, ok – just an “OK” cock – which was often cupped, and out of sight, if I recall correctly – but still, early 1980’s doing that late 70’s look very very well – and 4 out of 5 is quite respectable! And really, it’s a lovely cock, just not on the big size, average, acceptable, but I mean, you’d barely come up for air after devouring the rest to notice, right?

While these pics were published in Torso in 1985, I wonder if they are from earlier in the 80’s. And of course those pics of him and Mickey Squires from 1980 – scorching, and probably appeared in at least a half dozen non-Zeus publications through the 80’s.

more Joe PADUCAH on BJland

a bit more Joe – AKA Pat Webb

print porn models Target Studios

Don Summers

not sure how I missed this guy while posting about his only (known/found) porno partner, Dan Donovan – all from the Target magazine Ramrod # 3 (1978)



model, Ron Hutton; photographer, John Coletti – hmmmm, need to pay more attention to photographer credits!

TORSO, April 1985