model, Ron Hutton; photographer, John Coletti – hmmmm, need to pay more attention to photographer credits!

TORSO, April 1985

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Wow, this “dude-bro.”, is completely new to me. Thanks for the introduction! Why no love or comments, for this big lug? Are you and I, the only ones interested? I find him rather endearing. : )

His eyes are a little dazed, but they still seem warm – charming! Are they blue or green? I like his soft hair too. Is it auburn, or chestnut brown?

At first glance, I thought for a second it was Morgan Winner, the bodybuilder from “Workout (1982)”. He also suggests the same charm and appeal, of Michael Christopher – modest, benign manliness.

Like Christopher, he has interesting creases in his face, and an upturned snout.

Ron Hutton’s philtrum is rather wide, and his mouth is small and thin. So I’m guessing that’s the reason for the wispy, uneven mustache – unflattering. I’d love to see how he looks like, without it. I know you disagree. : )

Do you have any more pictures of him? I’d like to see him bare-chested. He looks strong and sturdy – those arms! I’m all about muscles! : P

I’m not a “size-queen”, so his average- size pecker; is perfectly fine to me. I know it’s true for you as well, since you’re a fan of guys like Clay Russell, and Joe Paducah aka Pat Webb. : )

I have to admit though, like you, I’ve been corrupted by porn. The sight of a Johnson, that isn’t huge, does catch me off guard. LOL! : D

So you say that this picture was taken by John Coletti? Is that right? I wonder if this photo-set, was taken before he set up Fox Studios. I’m pretty familiar with all his models. So this is a surprise.

I checked Gay Erotic Archives, and he’s not listed there – no publications, films, photosets, or calendars. I’ve also never seen him in any brochures, or on Tumblr – Minnesota Mystery Man!

That’s what I love about you, BJ honey! You’re always full of surprises! Always an education! : )

Thanks again! Keep ‘em coming, and cumming! : 0

Ah, BJ! So many great posts! So little time! : (

; )

as far as Coletti is concerned, I imagine that not all models/photos got published with FOX, or didn’t live up to the standard they were looking for in their magazines (and I imagine lots of models were OK with still photography, but not film)

anyway, the other two pics from the magazine:

I found another model with a couple pics by Coletti, again not found in GEVI and perhaps never did “motion pictures”

Whoa, BJ honey! Thank you so much! These two pictures, are even more flattering – better angle! There’s nothing wrong with his body at all! He’s dusted with hair, in all the right places – beast!

The shape of his face is very fine – fabulous! He kind of looks like a more rugged, Steve Rambo! I trust you do know who that is. : )

Now his eyes look brown. What color are they? Damn it! : /

Do you suppose he wasn’t showcased, because he isn’t hung like a horse; just a thought?

Ron rocks! Let me quote the Crystals:

“I met him on a Monday and my heart stood still”
“Da doo ron ron ron”
“Da doo ron ron”

; )

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