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Ron and… and… and???

for weeks I have been seeing this handsome pair all over interspaceweb, and of course Ron Cameron (who I must’ve mentioned here before – perhaps once or twice) I figured out right away – – but the other guy – the other guy – who the f is he? Don’t think he’s been in any porno films, but photographer Michael Hoare paired these two hotties, and the pics of this duo appear in IN TOUCH 49, ZIPPER #18, HONCHO February 1980, and gosh knows where else. I give up, maybe one of y’all know who this guy is!

Fox Studios photographers

sun bronzed Nevada ranchhand

as we await the election returns from Nevada and elsewhere, I thought I’d expand my original plan of just posting a “vintage t-shirt” pic of this Fox Studios hunk (photographed by John Coletti) with a more expansive look. Most of these pics are from one magazine – Fox Hunt 2 (1981) – issue 204. Matt is also the cover model in this issue that includes Jimmy Metz.

oh, and, yes, I looked for video – and it appears, despite his appearance in the ad below, that our guy never performed on tape – happy to be corrected!

Pantheon Productions photographers

stroke this

working on a longer “videography” post on a 70’s pornstar who never got top billing, was supersexy, but alas, pics of him are few and far between – in fact nearly all what i am finding, he is upstaged by a certain even sexier more famous (and yet less prolific, film-wise, star) so meanwhile….

From the magazine Strokes No3 (1980), from PANTHEON Productions, photographed by ADAM CADMAN. Unable to find any corresponding film, nor the names of either of these gulpalicious men.



model, Ron Hutton; photographer, John Coletti – hmmmm, need to pay more attention to photographer credits!

TORSO, April 1985

"vintage" porn stars photographers

Rugged Men

but is this “water sports” scene in Rugged Men? Rod Steele (superhung) looks like that Target model I am too lazy too look up; here with Bob Martin, photographed by Bruce King

update / edit: Nick Poulos – right? – – right?

Pantheon Productions photographers

hard hats and staches

from SPIKE 3 (1980), Pantheon Productions, photographed by Colin Myer – there has to be a corresponding film, right?

birthday BJ photographers

birthdays and sashes

my very special man shouldn’t be reading my pornoblog, but just in case –


from me, and ALL sash-wearing handsome men! (heehee!!!)